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The Changing Seasons: A Collection of Poems

The seasons are a constant reminder of the beauty and impermanence of life. These poems explore the different moods and emotions associated with the four seasons.


Short Poems About Seasons

1. “Winter’s chill, a blanket of white
A world transformed, a peaceful sight
Breathing in the crisp, cold air
I am grateful for this moment, so fair”

2. “Spring’s bloom, a renewal of life
Birds singing, children playing with a knife
The world awakens from its slumber
Nature’s beauty, a wonder to encumber”

3. “Summer’s heat, a time for fun
Beaches, barbecues, ice cream, yum!
The world is alive with laughter and joy
Summer’s warmth, a girl and boy”

4. “Autumn’s fall, a time of change
Leaves falling, colors rearranged
A reminder that all things must pass
Autumn’s beauty, forever will last”


Long Poems About Seasons

1) “The Spring’s Renewal”

The flowers bloom, and the birds sing,
As the world awakens, with the coming of spring.

The sun shines bright, and the air is warm,
Nature’s beauty, on display, in every form.

The grass is green, and the trees bud,
A new beginning, for all that is good.

The winter’s chill, is now a distant memory,
As we embrace the spring’s renewal, with joy and harmony.

2) “The Summer’s Heat”

The heat of summer, is upon us now,
A time for fun, and laughter, somehow.

The sun beats down, and the air is thick,
A time for swimming, and cold drinks, quick.

The days are long, and the nights are warm,
A time for love, and togetherness, to form.

The world is alive, with energy and light,
As we embrace the summer’s heat, with all our might.

3) “The Fall’s Farewell”

The leaves fall down, and the air is crisp,
As the world says goodbye, to the fall’s last kiss.

The colors change, and the skies are gray,
A time for reflection, and memories to play.

The days are shorter, and the nights are cold,
A time for letting go, of what we’ve been told.

But even though the fall must end,
The beauty it brought, will always stay with us, to befriend.

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