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Explore the complexities of jealousy with these poetic musings

Jealousy is a complex emotion that can be both destructive and motivating. It can be sparked by a variety of things, from relationships to achievements, and its effects can vary from person to person. These poems capture the different aspects of jealousy, from its destructive nature to its potential for growth, and the impact it has on our lives. Read on to be transported to the world of jealousy and let your understanding of this emotion grow.


Short Poems About Jealousy

A seed planted, a root to grow
A feeling of envy, a heart to slow
A fire ignited, a rage to fuel
Jealousy, a destroyer, a devilish tool

A feeling of loss, a fear to embrace
A comparison made, a self to replace
A sadness to dwell, a hope to lose
Jealousy, a thief, a life to bruise

A challenge accepted, a goal to strive
A motivation to push, a will to survive
A fire to ignite, a passion to fuel
Jealousy, a spark, a potential jewel

A lesson learned, a growth to embrace
A self-awareness to gain, a new space
A fire to control, a passion to use
Jealousy, a teacher, a life to choose.”


Long Poems About Jealousy

Poem 1: Jealousy’s Flames
Jealousy burns like a flame,
Consuming all that it claims.
It starts with a flicker of doubt,
And soon it spreads all about.

It twists the mind, warps the heart,
Tears love and trust apart.
It feeds on insecurity,
And brings out the worst in me.

But I will not let jealousy reign,
I’ll extinguish its vicious flame.
I’ll choose to trust and let go,
And find peace in my heart and soul.

Poem 2: Green-Eyed Monster
The green-eyed monster lurks within,
An unwelcome guest, a constant grin.
It feeds on envy and despair,
And leaves me with a heavy air.

It makes me doubt, it makes me see,
What isn’t there, and what can’t be.
It turns the world to shades of green,
And makes my happiness lean.

But I will not let jealousy win,
I’ll banish the monster, let love begin.
I’ll choose to be happy for you,
And find joy in the things you do.

Poem 3: Jealousy’s Curse
Jealousy is a curse, a plight,
It steals the stars from the night.
It clouds my vision, blocks the sun,
And leaves me undone.

It makes me bitter, makes me cold,
And turns my heart into a mold.
It feeds on my own insecurities,
And leaves me with nothing but worries.

But I will not be held captive,
I’ll break the curse and be active.
I’ll choose to trust, to let it be,
And find freedom in my heart and soul.

Poem 4: Envy’s Embrace
Envy wraps around me tight,
A cloak of darkness in the night.
It whispers lies, it clouds my mind,
And leaves me feeling so unkind.

It makes me wish for what is not,
And fills my heart with such a knot.
It feeds on my own insecurity,
And makes me feel so very unsure.

But I will not let envy win,
I’ll break its hold, let love begin.
I’ll choose to be content with me,
And find peace in my own company.

Poem 5: The Jealous Heart
The jealous heart is quick to blame,
And slow to see its own shame.
It finds faults where none exist,
And turns love into a twisted mist.

It seethes with envy, burns with pride,
And leaves the soul empty inside.
It feeds on suspicion, breeds mistrust,
And turns the heart to stone and rust.

But I will not let jealousy reign,
I’ll cast it out, let love remain.
I’ll choose to trust, to let it be,
And find happiness in you and me.

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