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Greediness Poems: Reflecting on the Dangers of Covetousness.

Welcome to our collection of poems about greediness! Here at 1LovePoems, we understand that the desire for more is a universal theme, and we have plenty of poets who have taken a shot at exploring it. From humorous musings to poignant reflections, our selection offers a wide range of perspectives on this all-too-human tendency. So whether you’re in the mood for some light-hearted satire or a more sobering meditation, you’re sure to find something to enjoy here. Let the greed begin!

Short Poems

The Greedy Heart
With each beat, it craves more
Never satisfied or content
Its desires, an insatiable lure
Leading down a path to lament

The Golden Hoarder
Counting coins and stacking bills
Hogging wealth, forgoing thrills
Clamoring for more and more
Ignoring those who are poor

The Gluttonous Feast
Greedy eyes set on the table
Ignoring manners, it’s a fable
Eating more than it should
Leaving little for others, that’s no good

The Envious Gaze
Jealous of what others possess
Coveting, causing distress
Always wanting more, never less
Blinded by avarice, left in duress

Medium Poems

1. The Price of Gold
Greed is a disease, it infects like a mold
Even the purest of hearts can fall to its hold
The quest for money, the search for power
Greediness consumes, a soul devours

Where is the limit, where is the end?
When is enough, enough my friend?
The price of gold, the lure of wealth
Can lead to ruin, to spiritual death

2. The Ravenous Beast
Greed is a beast, a ravenous creature
Feeding on everything, with no measure
Never satisfied, always needing more
Leaving behind a trail of destruction and gore

The beast is cunning, it deceives and tricks
It thrives on the weak, the ones it can easily pick
Consuming all in its path, it destroys everything
Leaving nothing but emptiness and suffering

Beware the ravenous beast, it lurks within
Fight its grip, before it becomes your sin

3. The Prisoner of Greed
Greed traps, greed enslaves
It holds you captive, in its greedy waves
Like a prisoner, you are bound
By the desire for wealth, and all that surrounds

Your heart hardens, as greed takes hold
You don’t realize, you are losing your soul
The pursuit of money, the need for more
Keeps you locked up, with no way to soar

The prisoner of greed, can’t break free
Trapped in a cycle, that’s hard to see
Seek help, before it’s too late
Break the chains, before it seals your fate.

Long Poems

The Avaricious Abyss

In the land of plenty where wealth abounds
There lived a creature with earthly bounds
It craved and coveted all that it saw
And hoarded riches without any flaw

Its eyes glinted with avarice and greed
As it amassed wealth with reckless speed
It counted its coins with glee and delight
And never felt satisfied despite

The creature’s heart was dogged by desire
And it felt a burning need to acquire
All that it could grasp with its greedy claws
Ignoring the suffering of the ones in its jaws

It built its mansion high on a hill
Filled with treasures beyond one’s will
But the halls were empty, the walls so bare
For the creature had no one to share

Its hoard of gold was vast beyond measure
But true happiness remained a lost treasure
For in its quest to own all things bright
It had forgotten love, joy, and the delight

The townsfolk whispered that the creature was cursed
For it valued wealth above all else, they affirmed
And though it built a life of mansions and gold
It was left cold, empty, and alone in its avaricious hold

The creature was consumed by its greed
And it could never find the peace it needed
For the love of money and riches unending
Had left its soul bankrupt and unamending

So let this be a lesson to all who hear
That a life of greed can lead to despair
For true wealth goes beyond gold and treasure
And it is found in love, joy, and life’s measure.

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