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Grief of Losing a Son

The death of a son is a profound loss that can leave a deep and lasting impact on a parent’s heart. The pain of such a loss is difficult to put into words, but through poetry, we can explore the depth and range of emotions that come with this tragedy. These poems are an attempt to express the grief and heartache of losing a son.



Short Poems About Death Of A Son


1. “The Goodbye”
A final kiss,
A last embrace,
A son slips away,
Leaving nothing but a trace.

2. “The Loss”
A hole in my heart,
A pain in my chest,
The loss of my son,
Is the ultimate test.

3. “The Memories”
Reminders of love,
Etched in my mind,
Painful memories,
Of what I left behind.

4. “The Love”
The love for my son,
Will never die,
It will live on,
In my heart and my eye.

5. “The Sorrow”
Tears fall like rain,
A heart full of sorrow,
The loss of my son,
Will forever follow.

6. “The Reflection”
Looking back,
On the life that has been,
The loss of my son,
Will forever be seen.



Long Poems About Death Of A Son


Poem 1: “Grief”

The pain is deep, and it is real,
It cuts into my heart, and it makes me feel,
A sorrow that I cannot bear,
A loss that seems too much to bear.

My son, my boy, my shining light,
Gone from my life, in the middle of the night,
I want to scream, and I want to cry,
But all I can do is wonder why.

The world is empty, and it is cold,
Without you here, to grow old,
But I know, that in my heart,
You will never truly depart.

Poem 2: “Memories”

I think of you, and I see your face,
A smile that lit up any place,
Your laughter, and your curious mind,
The memories of you, I will always find.

I remember the day you were born,
The joy and the love, the early morn,
I held you close, and I knew,
That my life would be forever changed too.

And now, as I grieve, and I ache,
I hold on to the memories, that will not fade,
For though you’re gone, you’ll always be,
A part of me, eternally.

Poem 3: “Goodbye”

I said goodbye, to you my son,
With a heavy heart and a mind undone,
But I know, that though you’re gone,
You’ll never truly be alone.

For in my heart, and in my soul,
You’ll always be, a cherished whole,
And when my time comes, to leave this earth,
I’ll be reunited with you, since your birth.

So, for now, I’ll hold on to the love,
And the memories, of you my dove,
And I’ll say goodbye, with a smile,
Knowing you’re in a better place, all the while.

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