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A Father’s Love: A Collection of Poems

Dads are often the unsung heroes of the family. They work hard to provide for their loved ones and offer guidance and support. These poems pay tribute to the love and sacrifice of dads everywhere.


Short Poems About Dads


1. “A father’s love is strong and true
Steadfast and reliable, always in view
Guiding and protecting, day and night
A father’s love, a beacon of light”

2. “A father’s hands are rough and worn
But they hold their children, safe and warm
Teaching and leading, with love and care
A father’s hands, always there”

3. “A father’s words are wise and kind
Offering guidance, helping to find
The right path, in life’s journey
A father’s words, a source of strength and mercy”

4. “A father’s love is ever-lasting
Unconditional, always casting
A warm and loving glow
A father’s love, the best we know”


Long Poems About Dads


1) “A Father’s Love”

A father’s love, is like a fortress,
A constant shield, against life’s curses.

His arms are strong, and his heart is true,
A guide and protector, for me and you.

He may not always say, what’s on his mind,
But his actions, speak louder, than any kind.

A father’s love, is a special thing,
A bond, that forever, will sing.

2) “Dad, The Hero”

Dad, the hero, in my eyes,
A man, who never tells lies.

He’s always there, to lend a hand,
A rock, on whom, I can stand.

His wisdom, guides me through the years,
And his love, dries away my tears.

He’s not perfect, but he’s all I need,
Dad, the hero, is all indeed.

3) “A Father’s Legacy”

A father’s legacy, is more than just his name,
It’s the lessons he taught, and the love that remains.

It’s the memories, shared through the years,
And the wisdom, that he imparts, without any fears.

It’s the way he lived, and the way he loved,
A legacy, that will forever be, above.

A father’s legacy, is a treasure, to behold,
A gift, that will always, be retold.

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