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10 Mesmerizing Number Poems to Inspire Your Heart and Mind

A collection of number poems to celebrate the beauty and power of numbers.

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where numbers come alive through poetry! From the magic of number 7 to the mischief of number 13, our page is home to a range of poems that celebrate the quirks and wonders of digits. So whether you’re a math nerd or just someone who loves a good rhyme, join us on this numerical journey. And who knows? You might just find a favorite number by the end of it. Let’s dive in!

Short Poems

1. “One”
One little star,
Shining bright and far,
Guiding us through the night,
A constant source of light.

2. “Four”
Four seasons of the year,
Bringing changes far and near,
Winter, spring, summer, fall,
Each with its own unique call.

3. “Seven”
Seven days in a week,
Each one different, so to speak,
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday, and then it’s Sunday.

4. “Ten”
Ten fingers on my hand,
Allow me to grip and stand,
To write, to touch, to feel,
A gift that’s all too real.

Medium Poems

The Forgotten Number

One, two, three, four,
I can count up to ten and even more,
But what about this one that stands alone,
Lost in the crevices of my mind, unknown.

Five, six, seven, eight,
These numbers I can recite,
But the one that comes after four,
Seems to elude me more and more.

Is it twenty, thirty, or maybe a hundred,
No, that’s not right, I’m just getting flustered,
Oh, how I wish I could remember,
This elusive number, my brain’s great contender.

Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
These are numbers I know well,
But what about the one in between,
The forgotten number, so serene.

As I rack my brain, trying to recall,
I realize it’s not so important after all,
For in the grand scheme of things,
The forgotten number is just a small blip in the wings.


Infinity, a number beyond measure,
A symbol for something we cannot treasure,
It represents the endless expanse,
Of stars, galaxies, and universes in a dance.

It stretches beyond the concept of time,
A notion that’s impossible to confine,
It’s a number that’s both remarkable and strange,
A constant reminder of our limited range.

Infinity, a concept so vast,
It’s hard to grasp, it’s hard to last,
But it’s a beautiful reminder of what’s possible,
Of the vastness that lies beyond our world, unstoppable.

It fills us with wonder and awe,
As we gaze up at the night sky above,
And realize that the universe is infinite,
A beautiful never-ending treasure trove.

Long Poems

Numerous Numbers

One is the beginning, the first,
A single entity, it can quench one’s thirst.
Two is a pair, a balance, a match,
Together they can conquer any catch.

Three is a trio, a group, a team,
The magic number, like a wish from a dream.
Four is a square, a solid foundation,
The number of doors on a car or a station.

Five is a hand, fingers to count,
A lucky number, bringing blessings about.
Six is a cube, a shape three-dimensional,
The number of strings on a guitar, so sensational.

Seven is divine, mystical, and rare,
The number of wonders, a marvelous affair.
Eight is an octagon, an even number,
A symbol of infinity, forever in number.

Nine is the highest single digit,
The last one before the double numbers hit.
Ten is a milestone, a perfect 10,
A score of excellence, again and again.

Eleven is odd but not unkind,
Between a dozen, it’s hard to find.
Twelve is a dozen, a unit for measure,
A year is made of them, treasured like treasure.

Thirteen is unlucky, an omen to some,
But it can also be lucky- let’s not be glum.
Fourteen and fifteen, somewhat plain and serene,
But sweet sixteen, a coming-of-age dream.

Seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen,
Gradually approaching adulthood, it seems.
Twenty is a double ten, a score for popping,
The beginning of something new and striking.

Thirty, forty, fifty, and beyond,
Multiples of ten, a pattern that bonds.
One hundred is a grand figure, a milestone complete,
A century, a three-digit number, a feast for the elite.

Numbers, numbers, everywhere we go,
In everything we do, in every life we know.
They’re simply figures, but they’re so much more,
Constantly reminding us what we’re living for.

Numbers Everywhere

Numbers are everywhere,
In everything we do,
From counting the days we’ve lived,
To measuring the world around us too.

One is the beginning,
The start of everything new,
It symbolizes unity,
And it’s the first step to pursue.

Two comes next,
It shows us balance and symmetry,
It represents partnership,
And companionship ubiquitously.

Three is a number,
That symbolizes a family,
A mother, father, and child,
Or three wise men we know so wisely.

Four is a number,
That symbolizes structure,
Four walls make a room,
Its stability exemplifies its stature.

Five is magical,
It’s the number of our senses,
And five fingers on our hand,
Life without it lacks defenses.

Six is a number,
Of harmony and balance,
It’s divisible by three,
It’s attractive and charismatic stance.

Seven is lucky,
A number favored by fate,
It represents perfection,
And it’s worth to celebrate.

Eight is the infinity symbol,
It’s never-ending and infinite,
It’s the mark of the universe,
Where everything else must submit.

Nine is the end of every cycle,
And the beginning of another,
It’s the last digit of our life,
And in our end, we find our brothers.

Numbers connect,
They create order and reason,
They’re the building blocks of life,
And they’re in every season.

From counting our blessings,
To measuring the universe’s vastness,
Numbers are everywhere,
And there’s no denying their greatness.

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