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Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we celebrate all kinds of love! From sweet and romantic to funny and irreverent, our collection of love poems has everything you need to express your feelings in the most beautiful way possible. Whether you’re looking for heartfelt words to share with your significant other or simply want to bask in the joy of love, you’ll find it all here. So come on in and fall in love with our love poems. After all, who couldn’t use a little more love in their life?

Short Poems

1. “Roses and Thorns”
Red roses, so sweet and fair
A symbol of love we all share
But with them come the thorns, beware
For true love also has its share of despair

2. “Our Love Endures”
Miles apart, but our hearts entwined
Together forever, our love will bind
Through trials and tribulations, we’ll find
That our love endures, for it’s one of a kind

3. “A Moment with You”
With you by my side, the world fades away
In your warm embrace, forever I’ll stay
A moment with you, is all I need to brighten my day
For your love fills my heart in every single way

4. “A Love So Pure”
A love so pure, like a crystal clear stream
Untainted by doubts, or lies, or schemes
A love that shines, like a brightly lit beam
A love so strong, it’s beyond any dream.

Medium Poems

Lost in Love

Lost I am in this love
Heart ablaze, soaring high above
Every moment spent with you
Feels like coming home anew

Your touch, tender and sweet
Sends shivers down from my head to feet
In your arms, I find solace
Fading away my worries and malice

Love has never felt so right
A fire that burns, amidst the darkest night
With you, I feel complete
A love so pure, it’ll never retreat

My heart beats for none but you
A love that’s eternal, forever true
Lost in love, I’ll gladly be
For love is all I ever want to see

Love’s Embrace

In your loving embrace
I found my place
Your arms, my sanctuary
A love so pure, so merry

Our kisses, soft and sweet
A dance that our love can’t cheat
It’s a love like never before
And it’ll keep shining forever more

Every moment spent with you
Is a memory, good and true
A love that’ll never fade
With you, I’ve found my shade

In your eyes, I see my future
A love so true, my heart’s sutra
Together we’ll stand tall
Embracing each other, never to fall

In each other’s love, we’ll thrive
A bond that’ll forever drive
Our love will never wane
For love, we’ll always sustain.

Long Poems

A Love So True

A love so true, it is beyond compare
A flame that burns, with a rapturous flare

It starts with a glance, a moment in time
A fleeting feeling, but one so divine

With each passing day, the feeling grows strong
A bond that’s so tight, it could never go wrong

Through thick and thin, it’s always been there
A love so true, that nothing can compare

It’s the spring in your step, the twinkle in your eye
The love in your heart that cannot ever die

When you’re feeling lost, and the world is a blur
It’s the light in the dark, the only cure

This love so true, it knows no bounds
It lifts you up, when you’re feeling down

It’s the melody in your heart, the beat in your soul
The one thing that will never grow old

So let us cherish, this love so true
For there’s nothing in the world, that compares to you.

Eternal Love

In the beginning, there was nothing
But then you entered my life
And suddenly, everything made sense

With you by my side, I feel invincible
Like nothing can ever bring us down
Our love is like the sun, constantly shining

I can still remember the day we met
It was like the stars aligned just for us
And we knew that we were meant to be

We’ve been through so much together
Ups and downs, highs and lows
But our love always perseveres

Even on the darkest of days
Your smile brings light into my life
And I know that no matter what happens
We’ll always find our way back to each other

Your touch ignites a fire within me
A passion that only grows stronger with time
I am grateful for every moment we spend together

In this world full of chaos and confusion
Our love is like a beacon of hope
A promise of a brighter tomorrow

I vow to love you for all of eternity
An unwavering commitment to our forever
Pouring my heart and soul into this love

So here’s to us, my love
The shining stars that light up the sky
A love that knows no boundaries
And a bond that will never die.

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