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Rodeo Rhythms: Hilarious Cowboy Poems That’ll Make You Giddy Up with Laughter

Yee-Haw! Round up some laughs with our humorous cowboy poems!

Yeehaw, folks! Saddle up and get ready for a hootin’ and hollerin’ good time with our collection of humorous cowboy poems. From lighthearted limericks to sidesplitting sonnets, we’ve got them all.

These poems will tickle your funny bone and have you shouting “yeehaw” in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned rancher or just a city slicker looking to have a laugh, we guarantee these poems will have you grinning from ear to ear.

So grab your hat and boots, and mosey on over to our cowboy poetry page. It’s sure to be a rootin’ tootin’ good time.

Short Poems

1. “The Rodeo Clown”

There once was a rodeo clown,
Who always acted the clown.
He’d make us all laugh,
As he fell on his ass,
And we’d cheer as he got up, not down.

2. “The Cowboy’s Lament”

A cowboy rode up to the bar,
And ordered himself a stiff jar.
He said with a sigh,
As he watched the girls pass by,
I’m lonely, I’m broke, and I ain’t got no car.

3. “The Bullrider’s Curse”

A bullrider climbed atop his steed,
He held on tight as the bull roared and reared.
But then came a twist,
And the bull bucked and missed,
Now that cowboy walks like a crab, indeed.

4. “The Cattle Drive”

It’s a dusty old trail we ride,
With cows all around us, side by side.
But the worst of the job,
Is the unending mob,
Of flies that land on us, as we ride.

Medium Poems

The Cowboy Way

I’m a cowboy through and through
Riding horses and herding cattle, too
But sometimes life can be rough
Especially when you forget your chaw and snuff

I once met a fella from the east
He wore a fancy suit, oh he was a beast
He said, “I hear you’re a cowboy, it must be grand”
I replied, “Well shucks, it’s just the way we were raised up in this land”

He followed me around that day
And watched as I went about my cowboy way
But when I spit my chaw, he looked quite sick
I said, “Son, that’s just the cowboy way, take it or leave it”

He left soon after, turned tail and ran
I guess he couldn’t handle the cowboy man
But that’s okay, we like it just fine
Living life on the range, oh it’s divine

The Cowboy’s Romance

Once upon a time, in the old west
There was a cowboy named Jesse, who was quite the catch
He caught the eye of a lovely lady, Miss Lorraine
She was a real beauty, with hair like golden grain

He swept her off her feet, with his charm and grace
And took her for a ride on his trusty steed, Ace
They rode into the sunset, hand in hand
Oh, it was a romance that was simply grand

They had a picnic, under the stars and moon
Eating fried chicken and drinking lemonade, so full by noon
They talked and laughed, and shared their dreams
Oh, it was a moment that was perfectly serene

But as the night wore on, and the fire died
Jesse realized that it was getting too late, he had to abide
Miss Lorraine said, “Don’t go, it’s too lonely here”
But Jesse knew he had to, his cattle needed tending, could not disappear

So they said their goodbyes, with a heavy heart
And promised to meet again, before they’d part
And though they were far apart, they’d always remember
The night they fell in love, in the midst of September.

Long Poems

The Tale of Buck and Jethro

Buck and Jethro were two cowboys,
Out on the range, making noise.
They rode their horses day and night,
Looking for adventure, and maybe a fight.

One day they stumbled upon a herd,
Of cattle so large, it seemed absurd.
But Buck and Jethro were up for the task,
They roped and tied, and it was no small ask.

But as they rode away with their prize,
They realized something to their surprise.
The cattle they had taken weren’t theirs,
But belonged to the neighboring ranchers.

Now, Buck and Jethro were in a pickle,
Wondering how they’d get out of this tickle.
They decided to hightail it out of there,
And hope the ranchers wouldn’t soon be aware.

But as they rode through the dusty terrain,
They couldn’t help but feel a bit insane.
For they could hear the ranchers giving chase,
And they knew they’d have to quicken their pace.

So Buck and Jethro spurred on their steeds,
And hoped that they would fulfill their needs.
They rode and rode until the moon was high,
And finally breathed a long, relieved sigh.

For they had managed to evade their fate,
And now they sat by the campfire, feeling great.
They thought of the adventure they’d had that day,
And they couldn’t help but laugh the night away.

Yeehaw, Rusty’s Rodeo Ruckus

Come one, come all to Rusty’s rodeo,
Where the broncos are wild and the cowboys are bold,
Where the beer flows steady and the good times roll,
And the laughter echoes all night, don’t you know.

First up is Dusty, the toughest cowboy around,
He’s been riding since he was a wee lad on the ground,
He’ll tackle any bronco, even if it means getting tossed,
His determination never fades, no matter the cost.

Next is Bubba, a big burly fellow indeed,
He munches on jerky and drinks whiskey at breakneck speed,
He’ll rope any calf or steer, no matter the size,
And his booming laughter can be heard for miles.

Then there’s Sally, the cowgirl with sass and spunk,
She can ride, rope and shine up her spurs with a wink,
Her lasso snaps sharp and true, bringing in those stubborn cows,
And she’s ain’t afraid to give those bullies a pow!

Last but not least is Rusty, the rodeo’s ringmaster,
He stirs the crowd up, makes ’em roar with laughter,
He’s got cowboy wisdom to spare and jokes galore,
And when someone falls, he’s quick to give a hand pure.

The rodeo’s in full swing from dusk to dawn,
The atmosphere electric, the cowboys steely strong,
The bustle never ceases, the fun never ends,
Y’all come back now, ya hear, to Rusty’s rodeo again!

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