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Sleep Tight: Short Goodnight Poems for Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams: A Collection of Short Goodnight Poems

If you’re looking for some short and sweet goodnight poems, you’ve come to the right place! At 1LovePoems, we’ve got a range of poems to help say goodnight in the most poetic way possible. From funny to heartfelt, we’ve got it all. So read on and find the perfect poem to bid adieu to the day!

Short Poems

1. “Sweet Dreams”
Close your eyes, my dear,
Let your mind be clear
As you drift off to sleep,
May your dreams be sweet and deep

2. “Goodnight Moon”
Goodnight moon up high,
Watch over us as we lie,
May your light shine bright,
As we rest through the night

3. “Restful Slumber”
May you rest soundly tonight,
And awake with morning light,
May your worries slip away,
As you sleep until the day

4. “Peaceful Night”
As the stars twinkle in the sky,
May your worries pass you by,
May your dreams be full of delight,
And peacefulness fill your night

Medium Poems

Sweet Dreams
As the day comes to an end,
And the night begins to descend,
May your dreams be filled with delight,
And your slumber be peaceful and bright.

Let go of all your worries and fears,
And drift away without any tears,
For the darkness may seem a tad scary,
But remember, you’ll wake up merry.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath,
And bid adieu to the world for a bit,
May your mind be free, and your heart light,
And may your dreams be a beautiful sight.

Goodnight, dear one, sleep tight,
May your dreams be your guiding light.

Until Tomorrow
The night has fallen, and the stars are out,
The day is done, and there’s no more clout,
It’s time to bid farewell, to the hours past,
And cherish the moments that will forever last.

Sleep well, my love, and rest your head,
For tomorrow is a new day, a fresh thread,
Let go of all that wears you out,
And let your dreams take you on a delightful rout.

May your slumber be sweet, and your mind calm,
May your heart be at peace, with no qualms,
And when you wake up with the morning dew,
May your day be bright, and your heart anew.

So sleep well, my dear, until tomorrow,
And let your dreams be filled with no sorrow.

Long Poems

1. Sleep tight, my love,
Count the stars above,
As you drift off to dreamland,
I’ll be by your side, holding your hand.

2. Close your eyes and rest,
Let your mind be at its best,
As the night takes over,
May your dreams be filled with laughter.

3. Goodnight, dear friend,
Our time together must come to an end,
May your sleep be deep and sweet,
Until tomorrow when we again will meet.

4. The night has come to call,
So rest your head and let yourself fall,
Into a peaceful, deep slumber,
Until morning when you’ll once again lumber.

5. The day is done, the moon is high,
So close your eyes and say goodnight,
May your worries and troubles be out of sight,
Until tomorrow, when the sun has won its fight.

A collection of short goodnight poems:

1. The sun has set, the moon shines bright,
May all your dreams be sweet tonight.

2. As the day comes to an end,
Let your worries all suspend,
Close your eyes and drift away,
Tomorrow’s a new day.

3. With the moon and stars above,
May you sleep filled with love.
Rest your head, your soul reborn,
For a new day will dawn.

4. The world has gone to sleep,
And so should you, it’s time to keep
Quiet and still and slumber deep,
So goodnight, my love, and peaceful sleep.

5. Let the day’s troubles fade away,
May the night bring a new day.
Rest your eyes, it’s time to pray,
For your hopes to come your way.

6. By the light of the moon,
Rest your head, sleep will come soon.
Dream big, and trust that soon,
Your dreams will all come true.

7. The night sky so dark,
But you’ll be safe in my heart.
Sleep tight and don’t be afraid,
For tomorrow is a new day.

8. As night falls and stars shine bright,
May your dreams take flight,
With the promise of a brand new day,
Where anything is possible, let’s say.

9. With each day’s journey done,
Rest your head and begin to run
In your dreams, the world is yours,
May you wake up with renewed force.

10. The day is done, it’s time to rest,
May your dreams be filled with happiness and zest.
Let go of worries, let go of fear,
For tomorrow’s a new day, bright and clear.

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