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Poems About Lies And Love

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we understand that love is a complex emotion that often involves a few white lies here and there. On this page, you’ll find an array of poems that explores the dynamic between lies and love. From the little white lies we tell to spare someone’s feelings to the more significant ones that we can’t seem to let go of. Our poets have put together some thought-provoking and witty pieces about the lies we tell ourselves and the ones we love. So, read on, and let’s explore the intersection between love and lies together.

Short Poems

1. “Deceitful Heart”
My love for you is strong,
But my heart is filled with lies.
I hide the truth and do you wrong,
Yet, I can’t seem to find the guise.

2. “The Mask”
I put on a face every day,
That hides my true feelings away.
From you, I keep my secrets and lies,
To shield myself from your truth and demise.

3. “Betrayal”
The lies that fell from my tongue,
Have left our love undone.
I knew the truth, but still betrayed,
Our love, forever delayed.

4. “Liar’s Love”
Amidst our love, there reigns distrust
For I built a home, but it’s built on rust
I hid the truth, the deceit, the lies
And now, the love we shared, dies.

Medium Poems

1. “Deceitful Desire”

In a world of lies and hidden truth,
Love can be a fruitless pursuit.
For though we crave its sweet embrace,
It often hides a darker face.

In whispers hushed and secrets shared,
We spin a web both false and snared.
Our hearts and heads in constant fray,
As we seek both truth and way.

But love, like life, is a fickle thing,
Its grasp as fleeting as spring.
And in the end, we often find,
That what we seek is left behind.

So take heed, my friend, in what you seek,
And love with eyes both wide and meek.
For all that glitters is not gold,
And the truth, when found, is better told.

2. “A Lovers Lie”

A lovers lie is a delicate thing,
Full of honeyed words and gossamer wings.
A whispered promise on a breath of air,
A secret shared between two that care.

It’s a cushioned truth, a sweet deceit,
A phrase rehearsed to hide the cheat.
A story spun with practiced ease,
To hide the flaws the heart still sees.

Lovers lie to save their pride,
To keep illusions alive inside.
To hide the fears that still remain,
And make their love seem less in vain.

So let lovers lie, for it’s a game we play,
To keep the passion burning bright each day.
To make the love we share seem real,
And keep the flame alive that we both feel.

3. “The Truth of Love”

Love is truth, and truth is love,
A mirror of what we’re made of.
For when we love with pure intent,
Our hearts and souls in love are spent.

It’s a flame that cannot be contained,
A passion that cannot be restrained.
It’s the truth that sets us free,
And the love that sets us trembling.

For in the end, it’s what we seek,
The truth of love that makes us weak.
It’s the risk we take to find our hearts,
And the love we share that sets us apart.

So hold on tight to what you know,
And let your heart and soul both glow.
For love and truth will set you free,
And in that freedom you’ll both be.

Long Poems

The Dissonance of Deception

Deception – a word misunderstood
It’s often seen as something bad or crude
But what if it’s used with love in mind?
Can a lie ever be truly kind?

I ask these questions as I ponder
About love and its many wonders
For is there not some art in deceit?
When a little lie can make love complete?

Perhaps it’s in those little things we say
To make our loved one feel a certain way
We embellish and exaggerate
To make their heart swell and love propagate

But then again, what of the lies that break
The promises we make but never keep
The ones that tear love’s fragile fabric
And leave us feeling lost and manic

Those are the ones that cause us pain
The ones that leave love in disarray
For how can love survive the test of time
When lies erode and corrode its shine?

But funny as it is, we keep on lying
Deciding what is right and wrong is trying
For love is chaotic and beautiful
Like a raging storm or a calm sea full

So maybe deception isn’t all that bad
When love is the reason it’s had
Perhaps it’s the dissonance of lies and love
That makes our hearts flutter and pulse above

For in the end, what truly matters most
Is not the truth but love’s cosmic ghost
A force that binds and connects us all
And helps us rise and stand up tall

So let us embrace love’s dissonance
And use lies to add a little romance
For in this world of chaos and disorder
Love and its lies may just make things better.

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