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Jealousy Poems – Overcome the Green-Eyed Monster of Envy and Jealousy

Green with Envy: Poems About the Ugly Truth of Jealousy

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems about jealousy! We all feel a twinge of envy from time to time, and what better way to deal with it than through poetry? Our selection of jealousy-themed poems ranges from heartfelt to humorous, offering a variety of perspectives on this universal emotion. So, whether you’re feeling the green-eyed monster creeping in or just curious about the topic, read on for some poetic insights. After all, as Shakespeare wrote: “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.”

Short Poems

1. “Green-Eyed Monster”
Envious eyes,
Filled with spite,
Green-eyed monster,
Feasting tonight.

2. “Burning Desire”
Jealousy burns,
Deep within my core,
For what I want and can’t have,
I’ll always want more.

3. “Coveted Possessions”
Oh, how I envy,
Those who possess,
What I so desperately,
Long to impress.

4. “Toxic Emotion”
Jealousy poisons,
Filling me with hate,
A toxic emotion,
That I can’t escape.

Medium Poems

Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy, the green-eyed monster
Creeps up when you least expect
Devours your happiness and calm
Leaves you feeling wrecked

It haunts your thoughts and dreams
Stifles your true potential
Makes you resentful and bitter
Rather than confident and essential

Yet, jealousy need not consume
For it can be tamed and healed
With gratitude and empathy
Your soul can be unsealed

So, embrace the beauty of life
With humility and grace
For jealousy is just a fleeting emotion
And love is its rightful place.

Envy’s Curse

Envy, the cruel mistress
Whispers tales of inadequacy
Tugs at your heart and soul
Fills your mind with toxicity

It makes you covet what you lack
And ignore what you possess
It robs you of inner peace
And leaves you in distress

Envy’s curse is a vicious cycle
That drowns your spirit and hope
It blinds you to your blessings
And makes you unable to cope

But, in the face of envy’s curse
There is a mighty weapon to wield
Gratitude and contentment are your allies
And joy will be your shield.

Heartfelt Envy

Envy, oh how it stings
To see others with what we lack
Whether it’s love or success
Our hearts feel under attack

We try to hide our feelings
Pretend all is well and good
But envy can’t be ignored
It persists like firewood

Yet, envy need not be a foe
It can teach us to dream and strive
To emulate what we admire
And to keep our passions alive

So, let us welcome heartfelt envy
For it can ignite our fire
And lead us to greatness
With love, faith, and desire.

Long Poems

Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy, oh jealousy, you green-eyed beast
You grip my heart and never release
I try to shake you, try to ignore
But you stay with me like a stubborn sore

You make me see red, make me feel small
You turn my mind into a jealous ball
I watch and wonder, always thinking
How did they get so much, without even blinking?

I see the lives that seem so grand
And feel my own slipping through my hand
I compare, I judge, I envy and crave
And then I wonder, what could I save?

What can I do? How can I be
Without this jealousy always gripping me?
I try to remember what I’m grateful for
I count my blessings, try to ignore

But in the end, you always come back
You fill my dreams, my thoughts, my lack
You make me feel like I’m second best
And in my heart, I feel depressed

But wait, let’s pause and take a look
At the damage you cause when you overtook
You make me bitter, you make me sour
You rob me of joy, minute by hour

Jealousy, you are a thief
Of happiness and of relief
You trap me in a cycle of despair
And tell me no one else can compare

But I know deep down, it’s not the case
I know there’s light in every race
I know that envy is not the key
To finding joy and being free

So I’ll try my best, I’ll push away
This green-eyed monster, this jealous fray
I’ll choose to focus on the good
And not be taken down by misunderstood

Jealousy, you may come and go
But I will choose to let you know
That you don’t have the power to destroy
What I hold dear, my love, my joy.

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