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Forbidden Love Poems: Embracing the Taboo

Star-Crossed Romance: Poems about Forbidden Lovers

Forbidden love may seem like a complex topic, but that’s what makes it all the more intriguing. At 1LovePoems, we know that the heart wants what it wants, regardless of societal norms or expectations. That’s why we’ve collected a range of poems all about forbidden lovers – from the bittersweet pain of a secret affair to the heart-pounding thrill of taking a risk. So grab a cup of tea (or something stronger) and get ready to explore the depths of desire with our collection of forbidden love poems. We promise, you won’t regret it.

Short Poems

1. “Under the Moonlight”
Forbidden love we share,
In the darkness of the night,
Under the moonlight, we dare
To take each other in our sight.

2. “Undeniable Flames”
We should never be,
Yet our love burns bright,
Undeniable flames we see,
Even in the darkest of night.

3. “Secret Kisses”
Hidden from the world,
Our kisses speak of love untold,
The passion we share,
A story waiting to unfold.

4. “Heartbreak Ahead”
Forbidden, yet we cannot resist,
The fire between us, impossible to desist,
But heartbreak lies ahead,
As our love, society will dread.

Medium Poems


We love like those who dared before,
But we both know our love’s a closed door.
The world tells us it’s wrong and illicit,
But our love, it refuses to be cryptic.

We steal kisses surreptitiously,
Hiding our love from society.
Our passion burns bright within our hearts,
But reality truly tears us apart.

We are two souls who cannot connect,
Our love forbidden, and our hope suspect.
For you, my love, I shall always yearn,
But we both know our love could never adjourn.

The Cost of Love

Why must our love be marked as wrong?
What is so different, yet so strong?

Our love was born in a forbidden place,
And now we cannot show our face.

We whisper secrets and share embraces,
But our love must suffer untold disgraces.
For you, my forbidden love, I’d cross an ocean,
But the price of our love may be too great a notion.

We dream of a world where love is free,
Wherein nobody tells us who to love and who to flee.
But for now, we hold each other close,
Wishing forever to the world to expose.

In Your Arms

In your arms I find my refuge,
That silent and sacred refuge.
Our love is like a dance,
Forbidden, yet we take the chance.

Each passing hour is an endless kiss,
Each stealing moment, rife with bliss.
Our love may be forbidden,
But in your arms, I feel I’ve never sinned.

Our love is like a wildfire,
Strong, potent, and ever so dire.
We may be forbidden lovers,
But we remain hopelessly discovered.

In your arms, I find my peace,
That tranquil and precious release.
Our love may not be meant to be,
But in your arms, I’ll forever be.

Long Poems

The Tragedy of Forbidden Love

There was once a love so true and pure,
But society deemed it a sin to endure.
Two hearts entwined, but kept apart,
Forbidden love that only caused hurt.

Their love grew stronger with each passing day,
But their world refused to let them have their way.
They would sneak out at night to be with each other,
But they knew their love could never be uncovered.

Their families disapproved of their every move,
They willed them apart, no matter who they had to lose.
But the lovers could not resist their desire,
Their passion burned like an unquenchable fire.

They never meant to hurt anyone with their love,
But their love was seen as rebellion to the skies above.
They knew their love would eventually come to an end,
Their love was simply too much for society to bend.

And so they went their separate ways,
Heartbroken and crying through all their days.
They could not imagine living without each other,
Their love was too strong, too deep, too unconditional to smother.

Forbidden love can be both beautiful and true,
But it is a love that society always condemns anew.
The tragedy of forbidden love still rings true,
A timeless tale of hearts broken in two.

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