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First Time Love Poems: Beautiful Expressions of Newfound Passion

Poems of First Times: Unforgettable Moments of Love, Loss, and Life

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we celebrate all the milestones of love! Today’s topic: My First Time. Ahem. No, not that first time. We’re talking about your first kiss, your first date, your first declaration of love. There’s something special about those first moments of a budding romance, and we’ve collected a range of poems that capture the sweetness, awkwardness, and excitement of those experiences. So sit back, relax, and prepare to feel all the nostalgic feels. (And if you’re feeling inspired, maybe pen a poem about your own first time!)

Short Poems

1. “Awakening”
A new dawn breaks,
Birds sing sweet songs,
My heart awakens,
A fresh start belongs.

2. “Butterfly Love”
As gentle as a butterfly’s wings,
So is the love that fills my heart,
It flutters and dances with joy,
A feeling like no other, from the start.

3. “Moment in Time”
A fleeting moment in time,
The memories forever entwine,
A smile, a laugh, a touch so true,
A moment shared, just me and you.

4. “Fading”
Like a whisper in the wind,
Or a fleeting ray of sun,
Our love starts to fade,
Until it is finally done.

Medium Poems

1. “First Time on a Rollercoaster”
Heart pounding, palms sweaty,
My first time on a rollercoaster already.
Up, up, up we go,
Scared but excited, a surge of adrenaline flow.
Winding, twisting, turning,
A thrill beyond my wildest yearning.
Screams and laughter fill the air,
A whole new world, a new thrill to share.
Hands up in the air, I let go of my fears,
My first time on a rollercoaster, and it brought me to tears.

2. “First Time Falling in Love”
My heart racing, my stomach in knots,
I feel like I’ve been hit with Cupid’s rocks.
Our eyes meet, and I feel a spark,
A connection ignites, leaving my heart in the dark.
A rush of emotions, an overwhelming sensation,
The feeling of love, a brand new revelation.
Every touch feels like electric,
A chemistry so strong, almost magnetic.
The weight of the world fades away,
My first time falling in love, the start of new days.

3. “First Time on a Stage”
The spotlight shining, a flurry of nerves,
My first time on a stage, a dream to preserve.
Tapping my feet, ready to perform,
The audience waiting, for me to transform.
Music starting, my heart starts to race,
A smile on my face, ready to embrace.
My feet move with rhythm, my body follows,
A feeling of freedom that truly wallows.
The applause echoes through the air,
My first time on a stage, a moment I’ll always care.

Long Poems

First Time

It was a strange feeling, one that I had never known,
Excitement mixed with nerves, as I was all alone.
My heart beat faster, but I took a deep breath,
Adding on to my courage, I was ready for the test.

My mind raced with thoughts, all jumbled and unclear,
But one thing was for certain, I had nothing to fear.
I knew I had to try, I had to take the leap,
It was something I had to do, to slowly peel the nerves.

I looked around the room, my eyes scanning the walls,
Trying to figure out what exactly was my call.
The lights were dim, the air was thick,
I closed my eyes and took a sip.

Things started to fade away, as I drifted in my head,
A voice inside me reassured me, it’s going to be okay.
I took another sip, the warmth spread through my chest,
It was all new to me, this intense feeling of zest.

I looked up and saw someone walking through the door,
A stranger, but a friend; whom I had wanted to know more.
We looked at each other, both nervous and fragile,
But the drinks made it better, as we giggled and chuckled.

We talked about everything, our hopes and dreams,
And the drinks kept on flowing, almost like a stream.
The night went on, we kept walking down the road,
Enjoying each other’s company, a feeling that flowed.

But eventually, everything has to end,
As the night drew closer, we had to find our bed.
Walking back home, I was happy and content,
It was unlike anything, a feeling that was so intense.

Now every time I reminisce,
I think about that night, and the moment of bliss.
It was my first time, something that I will never forget,
The night I took a sip and started to connect.

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