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Pure Love Poem – Spirit Of Love

Author: Sullee J.


Love is enigma, Love is divine, Love is the cure, but the infection to those blind. Love is pure, love is undefined, Love is beyond just a feeling, surely love is undermined.
Love is many heart beats, but its rhythm the same, For love is the light through dark streets, it has no image or name. Love is bright, love is light, Love is just, love is life.
Love helps the weak, love contains the spirit, Love embellishes the person, for love is coherent. Love is the problem, yet it is also the solution. A long time ago, I heard love is the filter to its own pollution.
They say, love is confusing, love is illusive, Love is a lame, where as lust is amusing. They say, love is a traitor, love is addiction. How can love heal the heart, but still cause the affliction? They say, love is a dream, so I stay in wonder, Shall I stay asleep? Or awake from its thunder?
Love is pain, love is bliss, Love is the acceptance, for all that exists. Love is to see imperfection and treat it perfect, For love sees no error, and if so, that defeats the purpose.
Love is the eyewitness, and I witness that love is a high, Which is the highest which I’ve been prescribed to try, For anything else overdosed can cause death, Where as love helps the inside cry, die.
The misled have decided, love is cruel, love is one sided. The hurt have claimed it, love is for fools, love is all painted. The pimps have it twisted, love for the dough, a way to create mischief. The thieves play it wicked, treat the victim with a dose of ambition.
Call it hope and draw the conviction, See, leading on is the strategy, in which they create a guilt trip, A way to catch feelings, but never threw their own, the plan was so terrific. Now the one who fell, caught up in the physics, Thought love was everything, till’ they were made to believe it’s all sadistic. You see how it plays out; Love is real for those that never got played out. Although, whom it has hurt don’t realize what they were caught in would never have worked, So it was actually a mechanism of God, too deep a thought for you to grasp its worth.
Love is the internal relief from the inferno within, When it begins to burn and it’s deep, from the burden of kin. Love vaccinates the heart and emancipates the mind. Love is true luxury, for love always shines. See, people often mistake love with external attraction. Caught up in its valence, but the hormonal affection is not the full fraction.
We lose hope in the word because we fail to understand that love is more action. Broken hearts galore, those who fall for false caption. See love is both: To some, a form of life, and others a sort of strategy. Some commit when the feeling is right, while others use it to perform fallacy.
In today’s world love is misinterpreted, misused for foul purposes, Some give up their life trying to prove it, while others denounce its services. Love is rare in the world we reside in, Surely it’s the multiplication of love’s existence that we must prescribe them.
For love is the spirit that holds the strength, The inevitable power, the bold defence, For love is resolution, the surge through restitution, Love is eternal, a form of universal evolution.
I heard, love was sound for the deaf, sight for the blind, A beat for the heartless, a type of sublime, I feel that love is agape, love is surprise, The glow in your pupil, that’s love in your eyes. I know love is a trip, but, love is also a guide, For love is the grip from above we must confide.
They say, love is dead, I say love is alive, They experience a bit of bitter escape, and say that love is a lie. They say, love is so absurd, a pain with no worth, Love is for the mentally disturbed, insane for you to claim its curse.
No! Love is real, what you had, may have never been meant to be, You might have gave it your all, but that doesn’t mean you give up its legacy. Sometimes we fall for those, forgetting only God knows, So if it doesn’t happen, that only means we deserve better than what we lost, hope.
What is love? The light of the moon, the ray from the sun, The mystery of the abyss, the creation among, Where is love? Deep in our souls, in the chambers of our heart, Inside the hemispheres of our brain, Within every shed of light to the strangers in the dark, Love exists beyond time and measurement, For love is uncanny, the extraordinary element, Without love, we are astoundingly weak, and the world is bleak, For love is the foundation and the peak, Love is necessary for internal and external peace.

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