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Love Poems For Him

The Perfect Guy: Poems About Finding Love

Perfectly Capturing Love: Poems for the Ideal Partner

Looking for that perfect guy who makes your heart skip a beat? Well, we’ve got you covered! Our page is filled with a range of poems all about finding the one who steals your heart. From sappy and romantic to funny and witty, we’ve got something for everyone. So, sit back, grab some tissues (just in case) and let these perfect guy poems take you on a journey of love and appreciation for that one special person in your life.

Short Poems

1. “My Ideal Man”
My ideal man is strong and brave,
With a heart that’s pure and true.
He understands the meaning of love,
And knows just what to do.

2. “The Perfect Guy”
The perfect guy is hard to find,
But when you do, hold on tight.
He’ll treat you with respect and care,
And love you day and night.

3. “Love Personified”
Love personified is what he is,
A man with heart and soul.
He makes me feel complete and whole,
And never lets me go.

4. “Forever Love”
Forever love is what we share,
A bond that can’t be broken.
Together we’ll face life’s challenges,
And never lose our devotion.

Medium Poems

Perfectly Imperfect

I used to search for the perfect guy,
One without blemish, without a single lie.
But as time went by, I came to see,
The perfect guy was not meant to be.

For it’s in the imperfections that beauty lies,
In the quirks and flaws that make us wise.
So now I seek a man who’s kind and true,
Who loves me for me, flaws and all, it’s true.

The perfect guy is just a mirage,
A figment of imagination, a false entourage.
But the imperfect man who’s kind and strong,
Is worth more than gold, a lifelong song.

So here’s to the perfectly imperfect guy,
Who loves me just as I am, no need to try.
For in his arms, I find my perfect home,
Where I can be myself, and never feel alone.

Falling for You

I never thought it possible,
To fall so hard, so fast, so true.
But here I am, head over heels,
In love with a guy like you.

It’s your smile that lights up my world,
Your eyes that captivate my soul.
It’s the way you hold me in your arms,
That makes me feel whole.

I’m falling for you, more each day,
And I can’t help but let it show.
It’s like a dream, a fairy tale,
With you as my prince, my beau.

You understand me like no one else,
And accept me for who I am.
With you by my side, I feel alive,
And ready to take on any exam.

So here’s my heart, my love, my all,
I offer it up to you.
For I’m falling for you, and I hope,
You feel the same way too.

Long Poems

The Perfect Guy

He’s the guy who makes my heart skip a beat,
The one who sweeps me off my feet.
He’s got a smile that lights up the room,
And makes the flowers bloom in gloom.

The perfect guy I’ve always dreamed,
A prince charming, or so it seemed.
He’s got a heart of gold, a soul so pure,
And his love for me will forever endure.

He’s the one who knows how to make me laugh,
And wipes away my tears with a gentle hand.
When I’m feeling down, he lifts me up,
And never lets me give up.

With him, I can be myself,
And never feel like I’m with someone else.
He accepts me for who I am,
And never tries to change my plan.

He’s not perfect, and neither am I,
But we make the perfect match, you and I.
Together we can conquer the world,
And make every moment count, unfurled.

He’s my rock, my better half,
And the soulmate I thought I’d never have.
He’s the perfect guy, and I’d be a fool,
Not to love him forever and always, so true.

The Perfect Guy

I’ll tell you a tale of a perfect guy,
Whom I chanced upon once upon a by,
He was nothing like others I had met,
Someone who my heart wouldn’t forget.

He had a heart as big as the sky,
With a smile that could make anyone high,
And when he laughed, it was like a song,
That filled my heart and made me strong.

He was kind, thoughtful, and so much more,
Honest, genuine, and never a bore,
A man who’d do anything for his kin,
Or for anyone for whom he’d given him.

His eyes were stars that shone so bright,
I’d get lost in them every night,
His touch was like a magic wand,
That would make all my worries abscond.

He treated me like a queen every day,
And made sure I never went astray,
He’d open doors and hold my hand,
And walked with me on the sand.

He was my confidant, my best friend,
Whom I could trust until the end,
And if I needed someone to talk to,
He’d be there, never making me feel blue.

His love was like a never-ending river,
Flowing freely, never to quiver,
He’d take me in his arms when I cried,
And never let me go until I’d smiled.

He was the perfect guy, so rare,
For whom I’d travel anywhere,
And I’d thank my stars every day,
For bringing him along my way.

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