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Love Poems For Him

Longing for His Love: Heartfelt Missing Him Poems

Longing for Your Presence: Love Poems Missing Him

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we celebrate the joys and woes of love through the power of verse. Today, we focus on the bittersweet sensation of missing our significant other. Don’t worry, we’ve got your heart (and your poetry cravings) covered. From longing laments to sultry sonnets, we’ve got a diverse selection of love poems for you to peruse. So grab a box of tissues (or a bottle of wine, we don’t judge), and dive into the depths of missing him.

Short Poems

Longing for You
Every night I lie awake
thinking of you, for heaven’s sake
I long for you in every way
to hold you close and never stray

Empty Heart
My heart is empty without you near
I feel your absence, it’s crystal clear
I miss your touch, your laughter, your sighs
Being away from you brings tears to my eyes

Timeless Love
My love for you is timeless and grand
Across oceans and miles, it will never disband
Though we may be apart right now
Our love will find a way, I vow

Come Back to Me
My heart aches, my soul yearns
For your love, my heart burns
Come back to me, my love, and stay
In your arms, forever I’ll lay

Medium Poems

Longing for Your Touch
Ever since you left, my heart feels incomplete
Every second feels like hours, the pain is bittersweet
I miss the way your arms wrapped around me tight
And how your kiss would make everything feel right

Without you, nights are cold and empty
My thoughts constantly drift to memories
I can’t help but long for your touch
Oh, how I miss it so much

I pray that soon you’ll be back by my side
Where everything is perfect and time can’t collide
Until then, I’ll continue to wait
Hoping for a chance to once again feel great

Distance Can’t Break Us
Although miles separate us, my heart still beats for you
My love for you runs deep and true
It doesn’t matter how far apart we are
As long as we have each other, we’ll go far

The memories we made together keep me strong
And the thought of your love keeps me going all day long
Every moment spent with you was like a dream
And I won’t let distance break our beautiful team

I’ll hold on tight to the memories we share
And keep the love we have as beautiful as a prayer
Distance may make us feel alone and small
But together, we can conquer it all

The Pain of Missing You
My heart is heavy, the pain is real
When I’m without you, nothing seems to heal
Every morning feels like a struggle to start
The distance between us tearing me apart

I see your face in everything I do
Every little thing reminds me of you
I wish I could turn back time
And hold you close, as you once were mine

But life has a funny way of moving on
And sometimes we can’t stop it, no matter how strong
My hope is that one day we’ll be together once more
Until then, my love, my heart is forever yours.

Long Poems

A Persistent Longing

Every moment we are apart,
My soul aches for your heart
I miss you more than words could say,
And I yearn to be with you every day.

The distance between us, no matter how small,
Feels like a deep and endless wall
A wall that separates our love,
And sends my heart soaring up above.

You are always on my mind,
In every thought, in every kind
My love for you knows no bounds,
With every beat, my heart resounds.

I wish I could hold you close,
And never let you go
But until then, my love will grow,
With every hour, with every show.

I remember the times we spent,
When we laughed and danced and never bent
We could talk for hours, and never tire,
And every moment spent with you was like fire.

You’ve touched my soul in so many ways,
My heart jumps whenever your name plays
And no matter how far apart we are,
I know that we’ll forever be each other’s star.

So here’s to the longings we feel,
And the moments, our love will seal
For in every unspoken word, in every breath,
Our love, like the sun, will never set.

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