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Love Poems For Him

Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Poems of Love and Longing

Discover the soul-stirring poetry of Jab Tak Hai Jaan, a collection that celebrates love, life, and everything in between.

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we believe in expressing our deepest emotions through words! Today, we are featuring a special collection of poems inspired by the romantic Bollywood movie, Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the film or simply a lover of heart-warming poetry, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of verses that will make your heart skip a beat! So sit back, relax, and lose yourself in the world of love and romance with our selection of Jab Tak Hai Jaan poems – because who needs a Bollywood film to experience true love when you can have poetry, right?

Short Poems

1. Love’s Fragrance
In every breath I take,
I smell your love’s fragrance;
It’s a scent that never fades,
And fills my life with radiance.

2. Beyond the Horizon
Beyond the horizon lies,
A world of love and bliss;
A place where dreams come alive,
And our souls find eternal peace.

3. A Heart Full of Love
My heart is full of love,
Overflowing with joy and grace;
With you by my side,
I feel I’ve found my rightful place.

4. Forever and Always
Together we will stand,
Through life’s ups and downs;
In each other’s arms we’ll land,
Our love forever and always found.

Medium Poems

1. Love’s Eternal Flame

Once a heart is set ablaze,
It cannot be tamed or phased.
It burns bright like an endless flame,
Love’s essence will always remain.

Through trials and wars we may face,
Our love will stand firm in its place.
For nothing can conquer its power,
Love’s strength shall never cower.

With each passing day, it grows,
Innumerable blessings it bestows.
A love that cannot be contained,
Forever, love’s eternal flame.

2. Hope’s Guiding Light

In the darkest of nights,
When everything seems to be a fight
And troubles seem to endlessly multiply,
Hope’s guiding light shall never die.

It illuminates the way forward,
In the heart of every soul, it is stored.
With faith in hope, the impossible becomes possible,
Triumph shall find us unstoppable.

For hope provides the strength and courage,
To overcome any obstacle or discourage.
It is the beacon of light,
Guiding us to a future that’s bright.

With hope, we can face any plight,
For it’s what keeps us shining bright.
It’s the light that never fades,
Hope’s guiding light forever prevails.

3. Life’s Endless Journey

Life is a journey, not a destination,
A path with twists and turns, full of variation.
We travel through highs and lows,
Encountering surprises and woes.

Sometimes we stumble and fall,
But to pick ourselves up is the call.
To strive hard and stay on the course,
Is how we navigate our way across.

We encounter many faces,
Each leaving a mark that nothing erases.
But with each experience, we gain insight,
And the path ahead becomes a little more bright.

With resilience and determination,
We can overcome any situation.
For life’s journey is one that’s worth taking,
It’s a chance to discover our own awakening.

So let us embrace the joys and the sorrows,
And enjoy life’s journey, today and tomorrow.
For in each step of the way, we thrive,
Life’s endless journey, keeps us alive.

Long Poems

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Jab tak hai jaan,
Zindagi ki har shay khubsurat saji hai,
Pal pal ke sukh aur dukh mein baat chali hai,
Chandni raaton mein haseen sapne sajaate rahe,
Aur taaron se roshni bhare alfaazon mein kahani likhi hai.

Jab tak hai jaan,
Dil mein umangon ka diya jalta rahega,
Jaan mein jaan puri karne ki hasrat rahengi,
Khushi ke palon ko aakarshit karte rahenge,
Aur auron ke dukh mein saath nibhaate raheinge.

Jab tak hai jaan,
Dhoop mein khilne wale phool ki tarah muskurayenge,
Baarish mein bheegte huye zindagi ke rangon mein rang bikhrega,
Hansi ke baho mein dubkar khushi ko mehsoos karenge,
Aur sailaab se ladkar apne jeevan ko paar kar jayenge.

Jab tak hai jaan,
Zindagi ke sangharshon se haare nahi maanenge,
Khud se har pal khuda ko paate jayenge,
Apne sapne poora karte jayenge,
Aur har ek pal ko seh paate jayenge.

Jab tak hai jaan,
Zindagi ki umangon se bhari yeh kahani chalti rahegi,
Har ek naye din ke saath nayi khushiyan milte rahegi,
Aur khwahishon ke pankh se apne parvaane udates rahegi,
Jab tak hai jaan, yeh zindagi ka safar chalta rahegi.

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