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A Real Man: Poems Celebrating Masculine Virtues

Capturing the Essence of Masculinity: Poems Celebrating Real Men

Welcome to our collection of “A Real Man” poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we know that real men come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why we’ve got a range of poems for you to enjoy. From odes to the burly, bearded biker dudes of the world, to sonnets on sensitive souls who aren’t afraid to show their emotions, we’ve got something for everyone. So, kick back and enjoy our assortment of poetry celebrating the different facets of masculinity. Because, let’s be honest, a real man is whatever he damn well wants to be.

Short Poems

1. “A Real Man”
A real man is strong and kind
A protector of heart and mind
Fearless, yet gentle as a dove
His strength comes from love

2. “His Hands”
His hands show the marks of labor
Of hard work and endless endeavor
Yet they’re also gentle and caring
His touch can be both strong and endearing

3. “The Way He Walks”
The way he walks exudes confidence
But never arrogance or pretense
He strolls with his head held high
With grace and poise, never shy

4. “His Voice”
His voice commands attention
A deep, soothing vibration
Yet it also hums with compassion
And laughter, filling any room with satisfaction.

Medium Poems

1. The Strong and Dependable
With broad shoulders and steady stride,
He walks with purpose and full of pride.
Always ready to lend a hand,
A real man, you can always understand.

He works hard and never complains,
Holds up his head through life’s pains.
A true leader with a heart of gold,
A real man, true and bold.

2. The Protector
He keeps watch through the darkest night,
A guardian, strong and full of might.
With a fierce devotion to his kin,
A real man you can always win.

Fierce like a lion, brave and bold,
He stands firm, never to fold.
Protecting those he loves dear,
A real man with no hint of fear.

3. The King of Emotion
Not afraid to shed a tear,
This real man has nothing to fear.
Sensitive and kind, with a gentle touch,
He’s the king of emotion, never too much.

A real man who’s not afraid to show,
His soft side, and let his feelings flow.
He knows that real strength comes from within,
A real man who’s heart will always win.

Long Poems

A Real Man

A real man never shies away from responsibility
He takes it head-on, with composure and humility
He doesn’t boast about his greatness
But rather, leads by example with kindness and graciousness

A real man is a protector of those he loves
He stands by his family, unwavering like a glove
He knows when to be tough and when to be gentle
And his love for them is simply monumental

A real man doesn’t believe in tearing others down
In fact, he lifts them up, helping them wear their crown
He recognizes the value in each and every person
And sees their potential for greatness flourishin’

A real man knows the importance of hard work and toil
He doesn’t shy away from it or treat it like a foil
He knows that success is hard-earned and won
And he perseveres through the toughest of runs

A real man is someone who stands up for what’s right
He fights for justice, dignity, and honor in the light
He doesn’t shy away from confrontation or a fight
But he does it with respect, even to those who bite

A real man is not perfect, nor does he need to be
He’s flawed, vulnerable, and undoubtedly free
He knows that admitting and owning his mistakes
Is the sign of a true man whose ego never breaks

So here’s to the real men, the ones who stand tall
The ones who don’t back away from a difficult call
May they continue to inspire, lead, and create
A world where real men thrive and love elevate.

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