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Love Poems For Her


A love so strong, it came quickly, unknowingly — like a beautiful friendship that grew into something romantic, something warm that travels into one’s soul.

A bond that is strong, the love to see you through. A surprise that made your heart shine because of happiness. Something that feels so right in all aspects.

Love, on the other hand, is sometimes worth every tear that falls, especially when they are tears of joy. A real love, for someone that makes your heart beats so fast.

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Author: Meg

You came into my life so quick,
A gorgeous pleasant surprise,
I hoped you wouldn’t give me the flick,
Then, a beautiful friendship did arise.
Our bond was so very strong,
It couldn’t help but turn into love,
We wondered if going further was wrong,
But we fit each other like a glove.
It feels so right to be so near,
To feel like we are but one,
Sometimes our love is worth a tear,
Those tears of joy, I’m sure there are more to come
It really is love, my baby,
The longing for one anothers lips,
You are my beautiful young lady,
I know it as we dance with my hands upon your hips.

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Love Poems For Her