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Anxious Love Poems to Soothe Your Worries – 1LovePoems

Calming Words for Restless Hearts: Love Poems for Anxious People

Welcome to the page dedicated to Love Poems for Anxious People! You heard it right, this page is for all those nervous romantics out there who can’t help but overthink every little detail of their love life. Whether it’s first date jitters or texting anxiety, we’ve got you covered with a range of poems that will speak to your anxious heart. From light-hearted humor to poignant reflections, our collection of poems will help you navigate the complicated world of love and relationships. So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea, and settle in for some much-needed comfort and reassurance. We promise, you’re not alone in your anxiousness, and these Love Poems are just the reminder you need!

Short Poems

Heart Racing

My heart races
Like a runaway horse
Whenever I think of you
And all of your force

Nervous Thoughts

My anxiety spins
Like a carousel ride
Each thought of you
Brings nervousness inside


My breath catches
Like a fish on a line
Whenever I see you
And our eyes intertwine


My insecurities loom
Like a storm cloud above
Worrying if my love
Is enough to win your love

Medium Poems


Inhale, exhale, repeat
Silence, calm, and retreat
Meditation in my mind
Finding peace, so hard to find
Heart rate slows, muscles ease
Allowing myself to just be
An anxious mind may never rest
But for this moment, I am at my best

Anxiety Loves Company

Anxiety creeps in like a thief in the night
Stealing joy, replacing it with fright
Feeling alone in a sea of thoughts
Trapped in a cage of what-ifs and should-nots
But then I see, I’m not the only one
This battle fought by many, not just one
Together we share this weight
With empathy, love, we’ll find our escape

Long Poems

Breathing Through the Panic

I am an anxious person,
My thoughts like a storm,
My heart racing, my palms sweaty,
Feeling lost and torn.

But then you came into my life,
A light in the darkness,
You held my hand and calmed my fears,
And eased my distress.

With you, I can breathe through the panic,
And find my way again,
You are my safe haven,
My anchor in the wind.

Your love gives me the courage,
To face my fears and doubts,
To step outside my comfort zone,
And break free from the droughts.

I never knew that love could be,
Such a powerful force,
It fills me up and fuels my soul,
A never-ending source.

So here I stand, with you by my side,
Ready to face the world,
For wherever life may lead us,
Our love will always swirl.

Surviving the Storm

I feel it in my chest,
A pounding, constant beat,
A fear that won’t relent,
Anxiety, my silent feat.

Each breath feels like a struggle,
A weight upon my chest,
My mind a gnarled tangled mess,
Of doubts and endless stress.

And yet amidst the chaos,
A glimmer of hope remains,
A love that’s ever present,
That soothes away the pains.

For you, my dear, are my anchor,
My calm amidst the storm,
The one who understands me,
In a world so often torn.

You hold me when I’m trembling,
And chase away my fears,
Your embrace a refuge,
A shelter from the tears.

In you, I find my comfort,
My solace and my peace,
The one I’ll always turn to,
When the anxious thoughts increase.

So though the storm may rage on,
And the waves continue to crash,
I know I’ll make it through,
With you beside me, a lasting, loving lash.

For as long as we are together,
As long as love endures,
I’ll weather any storm,
And emerge, stronger and more sure.

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