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Set You Free: Letting Go Poems

Releasing Heartaches: Letting You Go Poems

Ready to relive the heartbreak all over again? Our “Let You Go” poems will take you on a journey through the ups and downs of letting go of someone you once loved. From poignant and soulful to downright snarky and sarcastic, we’ve got a range of poems that capture the essence of this painful experience. If you’re ready to commiserate with others who’ve been there, check out our collection of “Let You Go” poems on 1LovePoems.

Short Poems

1. “Goodbye for Now”
I can’t hold on
To you any longer
It’s time to let go
And make myself stronger

2. “Farewell, My Love”
Our time together
Has come to an end
I’ll always remember
You, my dear friend

3. “Release”
I’m setting you free
To find your own way
No more pain to see
Starting a new day

4. “Moving On”
It’s hard to say goodbye
But it’s time to move on
I’ll take what I’ve learned
And cherish it all along

Medium Poems

Slowly Drifting
I tried so hard to hold on tight,
But you were like a kite,
Drifting higher, out of sight,
Eventually, you took flight.

I watched you as you soared away,
Leaving me with nothing to say,
All I could do was hope and pray,
That you’d come back to me someday.

But time crawled on, and I realized,
That you were gone, and I had to survive,
I tried to move on, but I realized,
That true love never dies.

So now I watch the stars at night,
Hoping they’ll guide you back to my sight,
Until that day, I’ll hold on tight,
To the memories of you and I.

The Key to My Heart
You hold the key to my heart,
And from you, I’ll never part,
You’re the missing piece, my counterpart,
Together, we’ll never be torn apart.

I thought I’d lost all hope,
But then you came along like a rope,
Pulling me out of the dark and teaching me to cope,
You took away the pain, and helped me back up the slope.

Now we walk together, hand in hand,
Through life, love, and all that we planned,
You’re my forever, my guiding stand,
And I’ll cherish you forever, with all that I am.

Long Poems

When It’s Time to Let You Go

There was a time when I held on tight,
To every memory we shared at night,
I didn’t want to let you go,
But deep inside I knew it was time to show,

That love cannot always be enough,
Even when it’s strong and tough,
Sometimes the heart can’t take the strain,
And holding on can only bring more pain.

So I have to say goodbye,
Even though I don’t want to lie,
I can’t keep pretending it’s okay,
When there’s nothing left to say.

I’ll always cherish what we had,
And the moments that made us glad,
But with time comes change,
And our love has reached its range.

So I’ll choose to walk away,
And let fate decide what it may,
I’ll hold on to the memories,
As I let go of possibilities.

It’s time to start anew,
And let my heart pursue,
A love that’s meant to last,
And erase the past.

I’ll release you from my grip,
And set sail on a new trip,
For life is too short to hold on,
To love that’s already gone.

So farewell my dear,
I’ll always keep you near,
But it’s time to spread my wings and fly,
And bid you a final goodbye.

Let You Go

I’ve been trying to ignore it
Hoping it would go away
But I can’t help but feel it
Every night and every day

The weight of what’s been lost
Hangs heavy on my heart
The memories we shared
Is tearing me apart

I don’t know how to let you go
After all that we’ve been through
All the laughter and the love
Seems like it’s all untrue

I wish I could turn back time
Fix all the mistakes I made
Hold you close and never let go
Promise I won’t ever fade

But here I am all alone
Wishing you were by my side
Still holding on to hope
That maybe one day we’ll collide

But for now I’ll have to learn
To live my life without you
To face the world on my own
And find a love that’s true

It won’t be easy to move on
But I’ll find the strength somehow
To let you go and start anew
And live life in the now.

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