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Jealousy Poems – Green-Eyed Love and Envy’s Sting

Burning Envy: Poems of Jealousy and Longing

Welcome to our collection of jealousy poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we recognize that jealousy is a natural human emotion, whether it stems from love, possession, or insecurity. That’s why we’ve gathered a diverse range of poems that explore jealousy from various perspectives, from the amusingly irrational to the deeply painful. So whether you’re feeling green-eyed or you’re simply curious about this complex emotion, we’ve got you covered. Read on and discover the many faces of jealousy!

Short Poems

1. Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy, the green-eyed monster,
Lurking in the shadows of my heart,
I try to push it away, to conquer,
But it tears me apart.

2. Envy’s Poison

Envy’s poison seeps into my soul,
As I see others with what I lack,
My happiness becomes their goal,
But I can’t help feeling attacked.

3. Coveting the Sun

Like Icarus, I reach for the sun,
Dazzled by its light and warmth,
But my envy leaves me undone,
As I realize it’s not mine to have.

4. A Heart of Glass

My heart’s a fragile thing,
Easily shattered by the success of others,
Jealousy pierces like a sting,
Leaving me trembling under its powers.

Medium Poems

Green-Eyed Monster

Green-eyed monster, lurking in my mind
Whispering lies, making me blind
To all the good in front of me
Jealousy, oh how you poison me

I compare and compete, always falling short
Feeling unworthy, my confidence cut short
I see others’ successes and feel envy
Why can’t that be me, oh woe is me

But jealousy, you are a fickle friend
Leading me to a bitter end
I must let go of this toxic emotion
And find beauty in my own situation

Green-eyed monster, I banish thee
From my mind, let me be free
There is no need for comparison
For each of us has a unique vision

Beautiful Contrast

Their lives seem perfect, without a single flaw
I can’t help but feel envious, wishing for more
But in my heart, I know I should be content
For my struggles and joys make my life well-spent

Their journey may be smoother, without any strife
But their experiences can never mirror mine, in this life
For the beauty lies in contrast, in each unique path
Our stories, when woven together, make a beautiful aftermath

So instead of dwelling on the lives I cannot live
I’ll embrace my own path, the highs and lows it gives
I’ll find joy in my own accomplishments, no matter how small
For each step forward, I’m climbing a personal wall

Jealousy may try to creep in, but it has no place
For my story is mine, and it cannot be erased
I’ll choose to be grateful for the beauty in my own life
And find peace in the contrast, through both calm and strife.

Long Poems

The Green-Eyed Monster

Jealousy, oh jealousy, you insidious beast
You slither into my heart and won’t let me be at peace
You consume me with your venomous fangs
And drive me to perform irrational acts

I can’t escape your grasp, for you hold me so tight
Your claws dig in deep, you’ve stolen my sight
I can no longer see what’s right before my eyes
All I see are illusions, distorted by your lies

You make me want everything that’s not mine
You plant a seed of longing deep inside
And I can’t rest until it’s all in my grasp
So I scheme and I plan, to avoid your wrath

You make me feel threatened by everyone else
I can’t bear to see them happy, it’s bad for my health
I want their success, their happiness, their love
But I can’t have it, no matter how hard I shove

Jealousy, oh jealousy, you’re a cruel taskmaster
You torment and hurt me, you endless disaster
I can’t take it anymore, I need to break free
From your harsh, unrelenting tyranny

I’ll face my fears, I’ll confront what’s within
I’ll find a way to conquer you, overcome your sin
For I won’t be a slave to your wickedness
I’ll find a way to be free and find happiness

So goodbye, jealousy, I bid you adieu
I’ll no longer be controlled by you
I’ll walk a new path, one without your deceit
And find my way to a happier, more fulfilling street.

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