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Embracing the Paradox: Hatred and Love Poems

Opposites Attract: Hatred and Love Poems for the Passionate Heart

Welcome to 1LovePoems, the ultimate destination for lovers and haters alike! Yes, you read that right – we cater to both ends of the emotional spectrum, and that’s why we’re excited to present our collection of Hatred Love Poems. You’ll find a range of intense, raw and unfiltered poems expressing everything from bitter resentment to fiery passion. Just because love can be hard, doesn’t mean we can’t write beautiful poetry about it. So buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, with our Hatred Love Poems.

Short Poems


It bubbles up inside of me,
A seething mass of anger and pain.
I try to push it down and ignore it,
But it rises up again and again.

I hate the way you treat me,
I hate the way you make me feel.
And even though I wish it weren’t so,
This hate is all that’s real.


I find myself lost in your eyes,
Captivated by the beauty within.
I feel my heart beating faster,
As the love that I feel begins.

Your touch is like an electric shock,
Sending shivers down my spine.
And though I’m scared of giving in,
Your love, I know, is worth the climb.

Too Far Gone

I know I shouldn’t love you,
That it’s a lost cause from the start.
But I can’t help but feel your touch,
And let you into my heart.

I’m afraid that we’re too far gone,
That we’ve crossed a point of no return.
But still, I hold onto the hope,
That we’ll learn how to love and not burn.


I try to hold on tight,
But the pain keeps slipping through.
I know I need to let you go,
And start anew.

My heart aches with every beat,
As I watch you walk away.
I know I need to be strong,
But for now, I’ll just pray.

Medium Poems

The Thin Line

Love and hate, two sides of the same coin,
A thin line between them, often join.
Passion and rage, emotions so strong,
Both can extend and be stretched so long.

What once was love can turn to bitter hate,
When words are said and hearts alienate.
What once was hate can turn to love anew,
When hate is replaced with compassion so true.

The key is balance, to find that sweet spot,
To know when to love and when to shout.
To keep emotions in check, to keep them in line,
To nurture love and keep hate confined.

Love in Chains

Love in chains, a prisoner of my heart,
A feeling so strong, it sets me apart.
The chains that bind me, also set me free,
For in this love, I find my destiny.

The chains that hold me, are made of passion,
A flame so bright, it will never lessen.
The love that leads me, is my one true guide,
A love so pure, it cannot be denied.

These chains may weigh me down, but I am strong,
For with this love, I can never go wrong.
I am a prisoner, but I am also free,
For in this love, I find my destiny.

A Hatred So True

A hatred so true, it burns like a flame,
A feeling so strong, it’s hard to restrain.
It fuels my anger, it feeds my rage,
A force so powerful, it cannot be tamed.

This hatred I feel, is not without reason,
It’s born of betrayal, of treachery and treason.
It’s a reminder of a past so dark,
A memory so painful, it leaves its mark.

Yet even as I hate, I cannot forget,
That love once bloomed, before it was met.
That what once was sweet, turned to sour,
That love can turn to hate in a fleeting hour.

So I hold on to hope, even as I hate,
For love may yet return, and seal our fate.
For love and hate are but two sides of a coin,
A thin line between them, that I cannot join.

Long Poems

Love and Hate: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Love, oh love, the sweetest fire,
A feeling that ignites desire.
It permeates, it fills the soul,
And makes a broken heart feel whole.

But with love comes pain and strife,
A double-edged sword that cuts like a knife.
Jealousy, envy, and possessiveness too,
Can make love feel like a terrible brew.

Hate, oh hate, the ugliest of emotions,
A feeling that leads to destructive notions.
It tears apart, it breaks the heart,
And leaves a mark that will never depart.

But with hate comes passion and strength,
A fire that burns at an incredible length.
Determination, perseverance, and resilience too,
Can make hate a force to reckon with, who knew?

Love and hate, two sides of the same coin,
Inseparable, they dance and they join.
For where there is love, hate can follow,
And where there is hate, love can gleam and glow.

We need both, for they shape our souls,
They make us human, they complete us in whole.
So embrace them both, and learn to find,
The balance between the two, in your heart and mind.

For love without hate is incomplete,
And hate without love is obsolete.
So cherish them both, for together they make,
A life worth living, a heart worth to take.

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