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Farewell to Love: Heartfelt Poems That Capture the Beauty & Pain of Letting Go

Welcome to 1LovePoems where you’ll find a collection of heartfelt and heart-wrenching poems dedicated to good byes in love. We have everything from bittersweet break-up poems to moving on and letting go poems. Whether you’re going through a tough time with a loved one or just want to indulge in some melancholic poetry, we’ve got you covered. So grab a box of tissues and browse through our selection of good bye love poems. Who knows, you might even find some solace in these words.

Short Poems

1. “Farewell Love”
It’s time to say goodbye
To the love we used to know
Our hearts may still cry
But it’s time for us to let go

2. “Parting Ways”
We came into each other’s lives
And shared a beautiful love
Now it’s time for us to realize
Our paths must diverge

3. “Closing Chapter”
Our love story has come to an end
We’ll always cherish the memories we’ve made
But we know it’s time to mend
Our broken hearts and start a new page

4. “Last Goodbye”
This is our final farewell
Our love has run its course
We’ll always remember and dwell
On the moments that were the source of our love’s force

Medium Poems

1. Love’s Farewell
Love’s farewell, a painful truth
A broken heart, the bitter fruit
Tears shed for what could have been
But life must go on, hearts to mend

A final kiss, a last embrace
Memories to cherish, in their place
The love that once burned bright and hot
Now cold, extinguished, nearly forgot

But love’s sweet flame, it will ignite
In someone’s heart, it will take flight
And though this love has met its end
It will live on in new hearts, my friend

2. A Parting Gift

We come together and we part
The beating of two different hearts
Together we laughed, we danced, we played
But now we must go our separate ways

The memories we made lingers on
And I’ll keep them close when you are gone
Though today we must say our goodbyes
Let’s hold each other, and close our eyes

Beneath the moonlight, we’ll share a kiss
A last sweet moment, to reminisce
Until we meet again one day
This love we shared, will forever stay

3. Timeless Love

As our love bids its final goodbye
We both know that our love will never die
This love has endured the tests of time
It will continue to shine in my rhyme

Though we must part and walk our own paths
We will forever treasure these moments that last
The memories that we’ve shared together
Will be with us through every endeavor

I give you this message from my heart
You and I will never really be apart
Timeless love that endures all pain
Our hearts will always beat the same.

Long Poems

The Final Farewell

As I stand here and say goodbye to you,
My heart is heavy, my soul is blue.
The time has come for us to part,
But the memories we shared will never depart.

We laughed, we cried, we fought and we loved,
Our journey together was nothing short of tough.
But we held on to each other through it all,
And never did we let the other one fall.

I remember the way your eyes used to light up,
When you spoke of your dreams and your hopes.
And I remember the way you held my hand,
When I needed you most, you were always there to stand.

We grew together, we grew apart,
But we never lost what we had in our heart.
Now I stand here, staring into your eyes,
And I can see the pain you cannot disguise.

It’s time for us to let each other go,
And start a new journey on our own.
But before we part, I want you to know,
That you will always have a special place in my soul.

Goodbye my love, my heart aches for you,
But we have to bid each other adieu.
I will love you always, from near or afar,
And I know in my heart, we will never be far.

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