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Forever Geometric: Love Poems for the Modern Mind

Shape your love into words: Geometric Love Poems for the Romantics

Welcome to our collection of Geometric Love Poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we’re all about exploring the various angles of love. So, we thought, why not add some shape to our romantic musings? From triangles to circles, squares to pentagons, our poems will have you falling in love with geometry all over again. Whether you’re a math enthusiast or simply enjoy a good love poem, we’ve got something for everyone. So, get ready to embrace the symmetry and beauty of love with our Geometric Love Poems. Let the love stories unfold, polygon by polygon!

Short Poems

1. “Circles of Love”
You and I, we are like circles.
Endless and infinite, with no sharp angles.
Just like our love, it goes on and on
Forever and always, until time is gone.

2. “Triangles of Passion”
In our love, we form a triangle
With you, with me, and with our love so stable
Our passion points towards the sky
A symbol of our love that will never die.

3. “Spheres of Romance”
Our love is like a sphere, complete and whole
A romance that surrounds and fills our souls
With each other, we are united as one
Together forever, until each day is done.

4. “Rhombus of Devotion”
Like a rhombus, our love is perfectly aligned
With sides that are equal, and hearts intertwine
Devotion that is strong, steady and true
With each other, we will always break through.

Medium Poems

1. “Circle of Love”
Infinite and round
Our love will never be found
With an end or a start
Forever we will never part

2. “Triangle Passion”
Our love is like a triangle
Equally strong on each side
No matter how life may angle
Together we will always glide

3. “Square Affection”
A square may have four sides
But our love has no divide
Each corner represents
Our unbreakable testament

Long Poems

The Geometric Love Affair.

Four sides equal, four corners meet,
Perfect symmetry, a shape so sweet.
A rectangle, so clean, so neat,
A geometrical masterpiece, a love so complete.

From angles right, to lines so straight,
This love affair, it’s own true fate.
No imperfections, no mistakes,
Just the beauty of love, with no heartbreaks.

The circles that form, within this shape,
Are the rhythms of love, that we can’t escape.
Life is but an infinite curve,
This love of ours, that we so deserve.

The symmetry of this, is pure and true,
In our hearts, it’s always known what to do.
The lines are crisp, like your gentle touch,
And for you, I’ll be there forever, I won’t budge.

We fit together, in perfect symmetry,
Our love created a divine geometry.
We are two puzzle pieces, that fit just right,
In each other’s arms, we can conquer the night.

This love of ours, it’s infinite,
A cycle unending, like two parallel lines that never meet.
We are like two sides of a triangle,
That complete each other, without any angle.

Our love is like the perfect square,
In every direction, it’s only fair.
And even in our imperfections,
We are perfectly flawed, with no exceptions.

Our love, a geometric masterpiece,
Infinite possibilities, that never seem to cease.
From the circles of our kisses,
To the squareness of our misses.

Our love is like geometry,
A perfect pattern, that we can see.
In all the shapes, and all the lines,
Our love is something that will always shine.

So let us embrace, in this perfect form,
A love that will transcend, a love reborn.
A geometrical love affair that’s pure,
A love so bright, it will always endure.

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