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Hilarious Love Poems to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Until You Love: Hilarious Poems About Romance and Relationships

Welcome to our page of funny poems about love! Because, let’s face it, sometimes love can be a little ridiculous. From awkward first dates to cheesy pick-up lines, we’ve got a range of poems that will have you giggling and maybe even nodding in agreement. So whether you’re in love, looking for love, or just love a good laugh, we’ve got you covered. Check out our collection below and get ready to chuckle.

Short Poems

1. “Love is a Four-Letter Word”
Love is a four-letter word, they say,
It brings joy and it makes us play.
But sometimes love can be a curse,
Leave us broken and feeling worse.

2. “Love at First Sight”
Love at first sight, what a sight to see,
Makes our hearts beat as fast as can be.
But as we get closer, we start to see,
That love isn’t always what it seems to be.

3. “A Love That Burns Bright”
A love that burns bright is a wonderful thing,
It can make our souls soar and our hearts sing.
But if that fire goes out, what are we left with?
Just ashes and memories of a love we once wished.

4. “The Perils of Love”
Love can be risky, love can be tough,
It’s one of the perils of love – it’s rough.
But if we stick together and weather the storm,
We will find that love can keep us warm.

Medium Poems

Love at the Grocery Store

I found love at the grocery store,
In the produce aisle to be precise.
He was squeezing the oranges with care,
And I couldn’t resist his charming eyes.

We struck up a conversation,
Over the ripeness of the fruit.
Little did I know, it was fate,
That brought us together to boot.

As we checked out our items,
We exchanged numbers and a smile.
I left the store with more than groceries,
I left with a new love to compile.

The Awkward First Kiss

We leaned in for our first kiss,
But things didn’t quite go as planned.
Our noses bumped and our teeth clanked,
It was awkward, oh so grand.

We tried again and again,
To get it just right.
But it seemed like fate was against us,
And we were doomed for a night.

We laughed it off and tried again,
But this time we closed our eyes.
Finally, our lips met,
And it was worth all the tries.

Now we look back and chuckle,
At the awkwardness we shared.
For that first kiss was a sign,
Of love that couldn’t be compared.

Love in the Digital Age

In the digital age we live,
Love can be found with a swipe.
A simple tap on a screen,
Can lead to a lifelong type.

We browse through pictures and bios,
To find the perfect match.
We message back and forth,
Until sparks begin to catch.

Our first date can be virtual,
Through video screens and sound.
We learn so much about each other,
And our hearts begin to pound.

Soon enough we meet in person,
And our love takes a leap.
But we always remember,
How our love began with a beep.

Long Poems

The Love I Have For You Is Like a Comedy Show

My love for you, my dear,
Is like a comedy show,
Full of laughs, giggles,
And chuckles that overflow.

You make me smile,
With every word you say,
Your humor and wit,
Brighten up my every day.

Your jokes are silly,
Your puns are even worse,
But they make my heart sing,
And my sadness they disperse.

Your humor is contagious,
It spreads across the room,
And soon everybody’s laughing,
Hitting joy’s highest boom.

Our love is like a joke,
But a good one, not bad,
Because it’s built on laughter,
And laughter can never go sad.

I’ll always be your audience,
Your biggest fan and cheerleader,
And I’ll never get tired,
Of the funny love we share together.

So let’s keep telling jokes,
And laughing until we’re blue,
Because my love for you,
Is like a comedy show, and I’m never through.

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