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Heartfelt Thinking Of You Poems to Show Your Love

Sending Love Across the Miles: Thinking of You Poems

Welcome, lovebirds, to our page dedicated entirely to thinking of you poems! Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or simply missing your significant other, we’ve got you covered with a range of heartfelt and witty poems. Prepare to swoon, to tear up, and to fall deeper in love as you read through our collection. So grab a cup of tea, put on some cozy socks, and get ready to feel all the feels with our thinking of you poems.

Short Poems

Poem #1: “Missing You”

In sleepless nights,
Your absence haunts my mind,
Missing you dearly,
Wish you were by my side.

Poem #2: “Thinking Of You”

As I gaze at stars,
I’m reminded of you,
Your smile, your laugh,
Makes me feel brand new.

Poem #3: “In Your Eyes”

In your eyes I find,
A reflection of my soul,
Longing to be close,
And never letting go.

Poem #4: “Heartbeat”

Your love is my heartbeat,
Pulsing through my veins,
Always so close,
And never too far away.

Medium Poems

Longing for You

In the stillness of the night,
I lie awake and hold you tight,
But you’re not here beside me,
And my heart aches so deeply.

Memories of you flood my mind,
And I can’t leave them behind,
For every inch of my being,
Wants you here with me, seeing.

I breathe in your scent in the air,
And I wish that you were here,
To wrap your arms around me,
And make all my fears go free.

Longing for you is all I have,
But it’s not enough, it’s sad,
For nothing can replace your touch,
And the love that means so much.

Forever in My Heart

You may be far away from me,
But you’re always close to me,
For every moment we have shared,
Is forever in my heart, cared.

The memories that we’ve made,
Cannot be easily swayed,
For they are etched deep in my soul,
And will stay with me forever, whole.

The laughter and the tears we’ve shed,
Are the reasons why I never dread,
Being far from you, my sweet love,
For you’re the one I’m always thinking of.

And even though you’re not here,
I know that you’re always near,
For your love encircles me,
And it’s a love that sets me free.

So let the distance be our friend,
For it can’t break our bond and blend,
For you’re forever in my heart,
And that’s where you will stay, a part.

Long Poems

Always on My Mind

You come to me in quiet moments,
when the day has slowed its pace,
and my thoughts begin to wander,
to the contours of your face.

Each word you speak, each smile you share,
wraps around my heart so tight,
leaving me no choice but to wonder,
what it would be like to hold you tight.

In my waking hours, I dream of you,
of the moments we could share,
of a love that’s deep and long-lasting,
that could weather any despair.

The memory of your laughter,
echoes in my mind each night,
leaving me to ponder,
could I make you feel alright?

Though distance may separate us,
and time may be unkind,
the thought of you is always with me,
always on my mind.

So, until the day we’re together,
sharing life as it’s meant to be,
I’ll keep thinking of you,
and the love that’s yet to be.

Unending Thoughts of You

My thoughts of you, they never seem to end,
As I think about how much you mean to me, my friend.
My heart is filled with joy whenever you’re near,
And I’ll cherish every moment, forever hold it dear.

I can’t help but smile every time I think of you,
As my thoughts drift to memories old and new.
Your laughter and your smile light up my life,
And I’m grateful for every moment, through sorrow and strife.

No matter where you are, near or far,
You’ll always hold a special place in my heart.
For your kindness, your generosity, your love so true,
And the way you always know just what to do.

I’ll think of you in the morning, in the bright sunshine,
And at night, under the stars that always shine.
And no matter how busy my day or how restless my night,
My thoughts of you will always linger, shining bright.

So know, my dear friend, as you read these words,
That my thoughts of you will always soar like birds.
And that no matter where life takes us, day by day,
My thoughts of you will always be here to stay.

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