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Loving Someone You Can’t Have: Heartbreaking Poems of Unrequited Love

Heartaches of Unrequited Love: Poems About Loving Someone You Can’t Be With

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we understand the bittersweet agony of loving someone you can’t be with. You know the feeling – when every moment apart feels like an eternity, yet every moment together is tainted with the knowing that it won’t last. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with a range of poems that touch on the heartache, the longing, and the wistfulness of loving someone you can’t have. So grab a tissue and settle in for some moderately witty, tear-jerking verse.

Short Poems

1. “Unrequited Love”
My heart aches for you
But your love belongs to another
I’ll always cherish our moments
Even if they’re just a memory forever

2. “Forbidden Love”
I yearn to hold you close
But our love is forbidden, society says
I’ll love you in secret, in the shadows
Hoping that one day, we can break free from this maze

3. “Long-Distance Love”
Miles apart, we still hold each other dear
Our love shines, bright and clear
I’ll wait for you, no matter how long it takes
Until we can be together, as fate reshapes

4. “Lost Love”
We loved each other, once upon a time
But life’s bitter realities made us stray
I still hold the memories close to me, as a sign
Of a love that was true, even if it’s now just a memory by my way.

Medium Poems

1. Name: Love Unattainable

My heart aches for you each day,
But you are always out of reach.
I yearn for your love in every way,
But fate has chosen a different teach.

The timing was never on our side,
And distance keeps us far apart.
But my love for you will never hide,
Forever etched within my heart.

I wish for just one chance to be,
The one who brings a smile to your face.
But destiny has a different decree,
And I am left in this lonely space.

So I’ll keep on loving you silently,
In the hopes that someday you’ll see.
That a love like ours should be,
Together and forever, you and me.

2. Name: Heartache and Longing

I love you more than words can say,
But I can’t have you in my life today.
My heart aches with every breath,
As I long for you to fill my depths.

We shared moments of pure bliss,
But it was not meant to persist.
Circumstances pushed us apart,
Leaving regrets deep within my heart.

I see you in my dreams at night,
But reality brings an unending fight.
To let go of what can’t be,
And move on, setting my heart free.

But even in my darkest hours,
My love for you remains in towers.
So I’ll hold onto these memories tight,
As I pray that you’ll come back, into my sight.

Long Poems

Forbidden Love

It’s a feeling that consumes me whole,
A love that’s pure and true.
But it’s one that we both can’t control,
For we know it shouldn’t be due.

Our paths may cross in different ways,
But our hearts cannot unite.
We yearn for each other all our days,
But can’t escape this endless fight.

We try to stay away from each other’s sight,
But we always find a way.
Our love is like a fire burning bright,
That no one can ever slay.

We secretly yearn for more,
And wish for a chance to be.
But deep down we both know for sure,
That we can never ever see.

We try to hide our love away,
And pretend it’s just a game.
But it hurts us in every way,
For we know our love can’t be tamed.

So we stand here all alone,
Caught in a love that’s forbidden.
Our hearts forever intertwined,
But our love never to be ridden.

So let’s hold hands and embrace this love,
For it’s one we cannot betray.
And let’s pray to the heavens above,
That we find a way to stay.

For we may be different in every way,
But our love is all that’s strong.
And though we cannot be together every day,
Our love will keep us going on.

So let’s cherish this love forevermore,
And make the most of what we can.
For it’s a love that’s destined to soar,
Even if it’s a love that’s banned.

A Love So Far Away

I love you more than words can express,
Yet we’re a world apart, so far from access.
Your face and name have become my obsession,
And every thought of you gives my heart a lively obsession.

Every day that goes by, I yearn and crave,
For what can never be, for what I cannot save.
I can’t help but wonder if you think of me,
If you feel the same longing in your heart, so full of glee.

You’re the one I want to hold, and the one I want to kiss,
But I could only dream of this, for you’re not here to reminisce.
I spend my days hoping for the impossible,
Wishing for you to be near me, to be my willing disciple.

What a beautiful love it would be,
If only you were here with me,
Hand in hand we’d dance and sway,
In each other’s arms, we’d love each day.

But true love is far more than just passion and lust,
It’s about sacrifice, commitment, and trust.
For even as my heart beats for you,
I know that my dreams may not come true.

But I’ll still love you from a distance,
For in my heart, you’ll forever reside.
I’ll hold onto this feeling, this beautiful sensation,
Of a love so far away, yet so pure and full of admiration.

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