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Fiery Emotions: Poems About Anger – 1LovePoems

Rage Unleashed: Poems about the Fiery Emotion of Anger

Welcome to our page on Poems about Anger at 1LovePoems! It’s said that anger is a negative emotion that can lead to destruction, but it’s also a very powerful force that can be channeled positively. We have a range of poems on this topic that explore different aspects of anger. From the explosive kind that makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs, to the simmering kind that builds up over time, our poems cover it all. So, come take a look and explore the different ways anger can be expressed and dealt with through poetry. Who knows, you might even find a poem that speaks to you and helps you tap into your own feelings of anger!

Short Poems

1. Burning Flames

My anger burns like a flame,
Consume me, ignite me, make me even more insane.
I cannot control the rage within,
My heart feels like it’s about to spin.

2. Thunderstorm

Roaring anger hits like a thunderstorm,
A tempest that quickly takes form.
Lightning bolts of fury strike,
Anger that I cannot like.

3. Red Mist

My anger turns into a red mist,
A blur that I cannot resist.
I lose control of my mind,
The tempest continues to grind.

4. Inner Demons

My anger feeds my inner demons,
A cycle of fury that seems unstoppable at times.
I need to break this vicious circle that I have,
And find a way to calm my inner vibes.

Medium Poems

Fiery Fury

Fury ignites like a blazing fire,
Hotter than the hottest pyre.
Raging within, it’s hard to contain,
Like a wild beast that wants to maim.

The adrenaline surges through my veins,
My heart pounds and my mind races in strains.
I clench my fists, grit my teeth,
As anger consumes me, like a thief.

But with every breath, I try to calm,
To quell the flames with a soothing balm.
Though I feel it roaring, hot and strong,
I know that holding on to anger can only do me wrong.

So, I let go and breathe it out,
Slowly, until the flames fizzle out.
With a clear mind and a calm soul,
I remember that anger only takes its toll.

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the surface, anger lurks,
Hiding in the shadows, it smirks.
Unseen, unheard, but felt by all,
It’s the stormy sea that can make us fall.

Like a volcano ready to erupt,
Anger simmers, ready to disrupt.
It coils tight, like a caged snake,
Lurking silently, until we make a mistake.

It can rear its ugly head,
And make us say things we wish we’d unsaid.
It can drive us to hurt those we love,
And make us regret it, like a push and shove.

But anger can also be our guide,
Powering us through the rough tide.
It can help us stand up and fight,
And make sure we’re done with being polite.

So, don’t fear anger, don’t suppress,
Embrace it and address.
For when we know how to use its power,
Anger can make us stronger by the hour.

Long Poems


Rage, an emotion so intense,
Fills my body with a fiery offense.
My blood rushes hot, my heart pounds so fast,
I want to scream and smash and blast.

My hands clench tight, my jaw locks in place,
My mind races with memories I can’t erase.
The hurtful words, the cruel intent,
They won’t let go, they won’t relent.

I feel so trapped, so helpless and small,
As if the world is holding me in thrall.
No matter what I do, no matter where I turn,
I can’t shake this feeling, this intense burn.

But then, a thought comes to mind,
A whisper so gentle, so kind.
“Let go, my child, release your grip,
Don’t let anger hold you in its grip.”

At first, I resist, I fight and I rage,
How could I forgive, how could I turn the page?
But as I breathe and calm my soul,
I realize that anger cannot control.

So I let it go, I release the pain,
I feel the weight of anger start to wane.
And in that moment, a great peace descends,
A calmness that only forgiveness can mend.

For rage may burn bright and strong,
But forgiveness is what helps us move on.
It heals our wounds, it mends our hearts,
And sets us free from anger’s dark arts.

The Unbridled Fury Within

My chest rises and falls
In an erratic heaving motion
As the fury within me
Threatens to break free

My hands clench into fists
Nails digging into my palms
As my teeth gnash and grind
My jaws locked in a tight embrace

It’s like an inferno
Raging within me
The flames of anger
Burning ever higher

A scream claws its way
From my depths
A primal howl
Erupting in fury

I feel like a caged animal
Trapped and cornered
With no outlet
No release from this wrath

I want to lash out
To hurt and destroy
Whatever crosses my path
Yet I know I must restrain myself

For once the fires of anger
Have consumed and reduced
There will be nothing left
But ashes and regret

So I close my eyes
And take deep, calming breaths
Till the fire within me
Dies down to a smolder

And the tempest that raged
Within my soul
Is replaced by a calm
A sense of peace and tranquility

But I know that lurking
Just beneath the surface
The ember of anger
Still burns bright and fierce.

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