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Beautiful Love Poems

Youthful Affection Younger Than Spring Time Poem

Eternal Youth
You’re younger than springtime, in the heart’s delight,
In the moments shared, in the light.
In the dreams we hold, in the love we share,
You’re younger than springtime, beyond compare.
In the whispers of night, in the day’s embrace,
You’re younger than springtime, love’s grace.

Timeless Love
You’re younger than springtime, in the heart’s beat,
In the journey of love, in the defeat.
In the path we take, in the love we find,
You’re younger than springtime, heart and mind.
In the story of us, in the love’s rhyme,
You’re younger than springtime, every time.

Fresh Affection
Younger than springtime, our love does bloom,
In every moment, dispelling gloom.
With every touch, with every kiss,
Younger than springtime, pure bliss.
Your presence brings a breath of air,
Our love, a garden blooming fair.
Each day anew, our spirits rise,
In your embrace, the world’s surprise.
The seasons change, yet we remain,
Our love, a constant, sweet refrain.
Forever young, our hearts aligned,
Love eternal, intertwined.

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