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Beautiful Love Poems

Complete Affection My Everything Poems

Total Devotion
You are my everything, in the silent night,
In the moments shared, in the light.
In the dreams we hold, in the love we share,
You are my everything, always there.

All of Me
You are my everything, in the heart’s beat,
In the journey of love, in the defeat.
In the path we take, in the love we find,
You are my everything, hearts entwined.

Complete Affection
You are my everything, my heart’s delight,
In every shadow, you are my light.
With every touch, with every kiss,
You are my everything, my bliss.
From dawn till dusk, in dreams and waking,
My soul with yours is always linking.
Each day a gift, each night a treasure,
Our love, a measure beyond all measure.
In every thought, in every prayer,
My everything, you’re always there.
With you, my life is full, complete,
In every moment, love replete.

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