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Beautiful Love Poems

You And Me Love Poems – You And I

Author: Nick Mathieu

You’re what keeps me going every day.
Without you I’d just drift straight away.
Making you happy is what I’m here for,
When you’re not happy my heart drops to the floor.
If I had to choose anything, it would be you.
Nothing could ever change my mind, not a shrine nor a shrew.
You complete me like nothing else ever has.
Nothing could ever make me pass.
You and I being together feels right.
You’re all I think about every night.
First thing I think about when I wake up in the morning,
Last thing I think about when I fall asleep at night.
I do everything I can for you, give it all my might.
I’ve spilled my heart out to you countless times.
And every time I see you, I hear chimes.
I feel like we were meant to be, meant to be, just you and me.
Without you in my life, I don’t know where I would be.
I love you so much, if you couldn’t see.
You’re the only thing that can put a smile on me.

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