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Guided Journeys Footprints in the Sand Poems

Footprints in the Sand
In times of joy and sorrow, when life’s trials we withstand,
We find the strength to carry on, with footprints in the sand.
Through every step and every fall, a guiding hand is near,
To lift us up and lead the way, and calm our deepest fear.
For in the sands of time and space, our journey’s clearly planned,
With every trial, through every mile, we’re held by God’s own hand.

Guiding Steps
Footprints in the sand we see, a sign of love divine,
Through every storm, through calmest seas, we feel a presence kind.
When we are weak, and burdens press, and hope seems far away,
We look to see the footprints there, that guide us through each day.
For in the sands of life’s great shore, a promise always stands,
We’re never left to walk alone, with footprints in the sand.

Guided Steps
Along the shore, our footprints lie,
Marking paths where you and I
Walked side by side, in love’s embrace,
Through life’s journey, full of grace.
In times of joy, in times of strife,
Your presence there, my guiding light.
Through shifting sands and changing tides,
Your love, a constant, never hides.
When footsteps fade, in single file,
It’s then I know, with gentle smile,
You carried me through trials hard,
With love so pure, my soul’s safeguard.
So here we walk, hand in hand,
Leaving footprints in the sand.
Guided by a love so grand,
Through life’s vast, uncharted land.

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