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Beautiful Love Poems

Repeated Affection One More Kiss Poems

Encore of Lips
One more kiss, a plea for the lingering touch,
A brush of longing, needed much.
As if our souls could, through this last press, convey,
The depth of all our yesterdays.
In that kiss, a universe unfolds,
Stories of love, silently told.

Lasting Impression
Grant me one more kiss, a lasting imprint made,
A seal upon my heart, in the shade of love’s arcade.
A memory to hold, as the days stretch wide,
A treasure kept close, by my bedside.
One more kiss to light the dark,
A final touch, a lasting mark.

Lingering Embrace
One more kiss before you depart,
A tender touch that mends the heart.
With every caress, with every sigh,
Our love’s farewell, a gentle cry.
In this last embrace, our souls combine,
One more kiss, forever mine.
With every heartbeat, our spirits soar,
One more kiss, an open door.
Together we face life’s endless tide,
One more kiss, our love’s guide.
In every whisper, in every cheer,
One more kiss, always near.
So let us cherish this kiss so sweet,
One more kiss, our love’s heartbeat.

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