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Beautiful Love Poems

Intense Yearning Missing You Like Crazy Poems

Crazy Longing
In the silence of the night, where dreams and hopes reside,
I’m missing you like crazy, with love I cannot hide.
With every breath, with every thought, my heart begins to ache,
Missing you like crazy, my love for you awake.
Through trials faced and joys embraced, my love will always stay,
Missing you like crazy, in every night and day.

Insane Love
In the quiet of the evening, where shadows softly play,
I’m missing you like crazy, in every word you say.
With every kiss, with every touch, my soul is intertwined,
Missing you like crazy, my heart is gently aligned.
Through highs and lows, through thick and thin, my love will always be,
Missing you like crazy, my longing an endless sea.

Intense Yearning
Missing you like crazy, my heart’s in pain,
In every thought, I call your name.
Your absence, like a shadow, clings,
In every breath, my heartstrings sing.
Missing you, the nights are long,
Without your love, I’m not as strong.
In every tear, in every dream,
Your memory flows like a gentle stream.
So here I am, with heart laid bare,
Missing you like crazy, everywhere.
In every moment, day and night,
I long for you, my guiding light.

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