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Beautiful Love Poems

Addictive Emotions Love Drug Poems

Intoxicating Love
In the depths of passion’s grip, where love’s elixir flows,
We find the high of mutual love, a feeling that just grows.
With every touch, a surge of joy, in veins where longing hides,
Our hearts intoxicated, lost in love’s euphoric tides.
Through trials faced and joys embraced, our bond is ever strong,
For in the light of love’s own drug, we know where we belong.

Addictive Heart
In the rush of love’s pure essence, where hearts beat wild and free,
We find the drug of mutual love, an endless ecstasy.
With every kiss, a dose of bliss, in whispers soft and bright,
Our souls addicted, lost in love, beneath the moon’s soft light.
Through highs and lows, our love remains, a constant, steady beat,
For in the thrall of love’s own drug, our hearts find purest heat.

Intoxicating Affection
Like a drug, your love does bind,
In every thought, in heart and mind.
An intoxicating, sweet delight,
In love’s embrace, I find my light.
With every touch, I’m drawn to you,
In love’s own haze, a bond so true.
An addiction pure, I can’t deny,
In love’s own thrall, we soar and fly.
Through highs and lows, in love’s embrace,
Your love’s my drug, my sacred place.
Forever bound in passion’s glow,
In love’s sweet grasp, I’m yours to know.

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