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Beautiful Love Poems

Intermezzo Of My Soul

Searching and searching into the vast long night. Looking out to the horizon, seeking for a glowing morning light.

Searching for someone to make your life complete, to love you as you love him and journey to forever it will be.

A soft call from your heart to connect with his. You keep on searching for his face in the crowded dream. The half of your soul, to make you whole.

Read our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poems, find the missing part of your soul by writing words to the air, to guide him and to your way.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

I searched for you
and I found you
Intermezzo of my soul.
I build my life around you
Mine, is a loving role.
I will cling to you forever
No hope without your call,
Be here in winter weather
in summer and in Fall.
I searched for you
And I found you, so come
Now make me whole,
Eager arms await you,
Intermezzo of my soul.

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