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Beautiful Love Poems


Are you a writer struggling to come up with the right words to start your own collection of poems?

Read through other collections from authors of different genres. An excellent poet knows how to make complex ideas come to life with words that stays inside one’s soul.

The rthythm of words flowing with your emotions. You can start with that. Of you needing of love, for someone to take your hand and love you in return.

Write each day as you would read each day, browse through our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems for inspiration.

Author: Stevie

take my hand and say that you love me,
convince me that you truly really care,
gently caress my body with your tender hands,
then run your fingers softly through my hair.
loving you is my life´s ambition,
there is no interest outside of this for me,
i would gladly wilt before you in submission,
and pledge my love for you on my bended knee.
i look for you far on the horizon,
far away on this endless open sea,
so long before i return to shore yet…
and my lover waiting there for me.
a blissful day spent in your presence,
captivates my memories with you,
kissing you eagerly, tasting your essence,
no thoughts given on next what to do.
i have fallen before you,
you now reign supreme,
you have conquered my heart love,
now come be my queen.
i am just a sailor, bold and so brave,
who gave up his soul to become just your slave,
so call me my queen to be home close to you,
for i am tired of this life on an ocean so blue.
so please tell me you love me,
oh please tell me you care,
then i will wrap my arms around you,
and promise to always be near.

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