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Beautiful Love Poems

I Know It’s Over Now

This poem is about acceptance, acceptance that a love once shared is now gone, over. Sometimes, it’s a thing we see coming. There are even times when we know that the end has come but we try our best to shove it away.

A poem of love ending without saying goodbye. A love that was and left you hanging like a floating cloud, empty and heavy.

A poem full of loneliness and pain, a goodbye that should have been said but courage has walked away. It too has leafy me along with your love.

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Author: Colin Metcalfe

I’ve been sitting here for hours,
And not a word is written yet,
Tears stream down my face in showers,
And the page is soaking wet,
And each line I try to write down,
I scribble out in regret,
But I know it’s over now.
I wasn’t brave enough to say it
To your face when you were here,
I had to wait until you went out,
Until I tried to disappear,
And even this heartless coward,
Sits here, choking back the tears,
But I know it’s over now.
We’ve tried to rhyme, so many times
The words fit fine, the melody’s no good,
If we’re talking the same language,
How come I never understood, never understood.
Yester year kisses, hugs and glances,
Current day tears, and final chances … romance is dead
Dismissive shrugs, don’t really miss each other
Pretend we still care, but no longer lovers …
Just friends instead.
And as I walk out to the door,
Past smiling photos from before,
That’s not you and me,
It’s just history
Can’t find a reason to delay it,
There’s just no easy way to say it,
But I know it’s over now.

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