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Beautiful Love Poems

I Hate Myself For Losing You

Author: Hine Te Kani

Here feeling so down
Knowing you won’t be around
In the rain all alone
Facing the world on my own
I pushed you away
But I wanted you to stay
Now I’m here all by myself
Because now you’re with someone else.
A girl here with a broken heart
Been crying since the day we part
Boy, I didn’t want you to go
I just want you to know
When we kissed I still feel it on my lips
I still hear you in my dreams saying you love me
I still feel your hands entwined with mine
I miss when we were together everything was fine.
I look at our picture and cry myself to sleep
My tears so sad they also weep
I still listen to our song
Reminds me of the times we were strong
My heart feels so sad and blue
I hate myself for losing you.

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