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Beautiful Love Poems

Forever And Always

What if one day, you opened your eyes and your forever love just leave, without explanation — just words telling you that the love once felt was no longer there?

This could be painful and heartbreaking — the day when you parted your ways and you are left there, standing, not knowing where to go.

Things might not be the same and you may cry rivers of tears — asking yourself where you’ve gone wrong.

Hold on and be strong until the day finally comes that you meet your forever love. Browse through our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems for daily inspiration.

Author: Kasey Comfort

It started out simple
like something new
I knew from the beginning
there was just something about you.
I loved the way you smiled
and the way you laughed
We were on different roads
until the roads came to one path.
When you asked me out
the butterflies came
they came in my heart
and I was never the same.
We became one
at the same time we were best friends
You said “Forever and always”
and I thought it would never end.

It was like that for a while
and I lived for your kiss
you told me I was beautiful
and I felt such total bliss.
But one night, your mind changed
and you turned it all around
You brought me up so high
just to tear me back down.
After that it was never the same
and I cried for all those days
now I think I finally realize
forever doesn’t mean for always.

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