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Beautiful Love Poems


It’s a wonder how a writer can express feelings of love by sewing words together — how a firefly could fit those words perfectly and be called home.

Just like love, a firefly lights up a quiet deep night. Lighting up a sleeping and cold heart with the warmth of someone else’s love.

Let the firefly fly gently into the night to give courage to a weakened soul. Would you believe a tiny light from a firefly can ignite a burning love in one’s heart? Yes, it can.

Browse through our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems and become a firefly in someone else’s life.

Author: Patrick Liddick

In her eyes I see the sky
I see angels flutter by
I feel her warm and gentle grace
I feel the Lord’s sweet embrace
I see the sun through the clouds
I hear a soft and subtle sound
I hear the harp and violins
I feel the sun rushing in.
My heart has filled with a light
Sprouting wings and taking flight
For when I gaze in her eyes
My heart becomes a Firefly.

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