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Beautiful Love Poems

Constant Thoughts Every Time I Think of You Poems

Thoughts of You
Every time I think of you, my heart begins to soar,
In the quiet of the evening, I find I love you more.
With every memory that we share, and every dream we weave,
I hold you close within my heart, and never want to leave.
Though miles apart, we’re always near, in thoughts so pure and true,
For every time I think of you, I find my skies are blue.

Endless Thoughts
Every time I think of you, the world feels full of light,
In the stillness of the morning, or in the calm of night.
Your laughter echoes in my mind, your smile a constant guide,
With every thought of you, my love, I feel you by my side.
No matter where life takes us, or what we’re going through,
Every time I think of you, I fall in love anew.

Endless Thoughts
Every time I think of you,
My heart is filled with love so true.
Your smile, your touch, your gentle grace,
Forever etched, I see your face.
In every dawn, in every night,
Your memory is my guiding light.
Through all my days and dreams anew,
Every thought, it leads to you.
With every beat, my heart proclaims,
The love we share, the joy it claims.
Every time I think of you,
I’m wrapped in love’s embrace, so true.
So here’s my vow, my endless plea,
To cherish you eternally.
For in my mind, you always stay,
In thoughts of love, both night and day.

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