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Beautiful Love Poems


Soft whispers of love, passion, and emotions — this is one of the best things to show how much you love your special someone.

Hug your special someone tight and whisper them tender words of love. There is no greater form of showing everlasting endearment than keeping your special someone close, within your reach.

Destiny has done its part of letting you and your special someone meets — then it is your job to keep the fire of passion burning.

Read our poems about love here on our website at 1Love Poems and let the words gravitate you towards love.

Author: Freida Martinez

Softly whisper your passion
Come to me my loving heart
I’ll cherish your gentle tenderness
From this day forward I’ll impart
My emotion of contentment
That grew instantly as we met
From the depth of my souls embrace
Straight to you for whom it was meant
Refresh your souls thirsting need
Come bathe in passion’s bright glowing fire
As we dance the dance of eternal love
Wrapped in our flowing desires
Our need for each other so great
A timeless burning flame
As at last we have found each other
And our place together we claim.

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