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Beautiful Love Poems


Have you ever loved someone so deep that you felt you’re both meant to be together forever — for eternity? That eternal love is the same thing that connects your heart and your soul.

Is eternal love easily said than done? Have you thought about how you’ll tell your one true love about your feelings for him? Has it crossed your mind about how and when is the right time to do it?

Think about the things you love most about your special someone and write them with your heart. Get inspiration from our poem collection here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Tracy Renee Shierling

I wonder if I dreamed of you-
if you would appear?
To make my nights full of love,
and always hold me near.
I wonder if I thought of you-
if you would feel it in your soul?
Like two spirits in the universe,
who always seem to know.
Even if the stars went black
and the sun were to shine no more.
They could find their way to each other,
no matter how far the shore.
Safely in each other’s arms,
to bid the rest of time.
Finding Eternal Love
so many seek to find.
Caring for each other
through the worst of storms.
Leaning on the arms of love
and never need anymore.
This is how I feel for you,
I’ve known it all along.
You are my one true love
My world … My heart … My soul!

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