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Beautiful Love Poems


Do you dream of love just by looking at your special one’s eyes? Do you keep on dreaming to keep the fire of your emotions burning?

Or do you answer to the calling of the day as the morning comes? Or would you rather just lay in bed and talk to your special someone — about simple things in life that make it worth while?

Love is asking to be heard — say it and write about it. Let your heart be heard, without reservations and limitations.

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Author: Kathie Moore

Dreams take me to another place and time
when my life had reason and rhyme.
I was so happy and in love…
God sent me a gentle ‘dove’
He loved me so, more than anyone
I will ever again know.
The talks we had while lying in bed…
he gently caressed my face and head.
I could ‘feel’ the love without
a word being said…
I miss those times, those precious days
but no one can take the memories away
‘My Angel’ he will always be…
from now until eternity…

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