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Beautiful Love Poems


Dream away into those summer nights through the cold winter nights and wake up to a warm feeling of love that lives inside your heart.

Take your special someone’s hand and walk with them to watch the summer sunset. Spend time with them and get connected, ask them how his day went and make sure that he knows you are for them, and make sure he is there for you too.

Sit by the fire and have some wine to cool down the intensity of the day off. Let love take over and let it reach unseen passion and emotions.

Take your passion to the next level by browsing through 1Love Poems’ collection of poems, let us inspire you to read more words of love.

Author: Blanca Mendoza

Lazy summers, cold winter nights
are always alright, since I have you holding me tight.
I see that sparkle in your eyes,
through the dimness of the candlelight
you smile at me, then teasingly back your eyes.
We laugh, then you give me the sign,
and sip what’s left of the wine,
your lips now meet mine, your sweet taste gets me every time.
We sit by the fire,
I see and feel the love in your eyes
Our desire grows higher, then our bodys entwine
For the first time.
It isn’t a game and true love is the name.
It’s an everlasting love we endure
a love, so clean and so pure.
A love so deep yet unseen.
I wake up with tears in my eyes
Once again… it was just a dream,
A cold winter night,
I spend once again…

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