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Beautiful Love Poems

Deeply In Love Poems – Deep In My Heart

Author: Padmore Agbemabiese

I’ve carved your name deep into my memory
that you live in the depth of my soul
I’ve engraved it in my unpublished thoughts
to adorn the pages of my life.
I’ve thawed your name into my veins
to flow to my heart in the silence of the night
I have kept your name like harvest songs
and I remember it with tears of nostalgia.
Sometimes with the future in my eyes
I write your name with the ink of happiness
with a longing that begins and ends with the color of hope
thus, decorated with the purest feelings
it fills my soul with the breeze of love’s bliss.
Oh, like a picture,
I’ve framed your name with autumnal passion
put it on the window’s sill of my soul
a little window that looks to the sea of desires
to look gloriously beautiful all year round.
Many a time I strain my mind
just to touch your breath
Some days I curve my glance
to catch just a glimpse of you
All because somewhere deep in my heart
there is a spot no finger has ever touched
It is a place reserved for you and you alone.

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