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Beautiful Love Poems

Deep Eyes, Deep Love

Have you felt a love so deeply it touches the core of your heart and soul? Have you met half of your soul and instantly felt that deep connection?

Passion and love, these two are the perfect marriage of feelings — together that make things work out and of course, the decision of two people to choose each other every single day.

Love burns brightly — one that is true — which you can see into your special someone’s eyes. Stare at them, to the window of her soul.

Tell her words of love, get your inspiration from our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Commi

Eyes of passion,
Blue and tender,
A world of love awaits,
A soulmate inside,
Sensual touch,
Sensual sight,
Love is strong tonight,
Love is uniting,
Passion burns brightly,
Bodies engage slightly,
Eyes meet and flutter,
Lips touch and quiver,
Voices play together,
Become one forever,
Stare in her eyes,
See the sky,
For love burns brightly.

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