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Beautiful Love Poems


Could it be that you’ve already met your love in the sea of people you walk with everyday. Have your eyes met and knew that you are meant to be together?

Could it be that you’ve talk to him before where his voice echoes inside your heart and lingers in your soul?

Or is he just a memory? A glimpse of yesterday or a window to tomorrow? Is he looking for you too at places where he goes?

Write your hopes and your feelings of love and when the day comes that you get to meet your one true love, share with him those words. Here at 1Love Poems, we have all the written inspiration you need.

Author: Freida Martinez

Could it be that I once saw you
In a dream as old as time
And could it be the arms holding you
Were really mine the whole time?
Could you have been my one and only
The reason I woke each new day
The one thing I always needed
The one for whom I use to pray?
Could it be that I had found you
After looking my entire life
Could it be that I had promised
That one day I’d be your wife?
Could it be that I still love you
And once again I’ll find
That you’re not just a memory
Only to be viewed in my mind?
Could it be, oh Lord I pray,
Just one thing I ask of you
If you’re out there waiting
You’ll try to find me too?

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